Water filter pot
Hello dear expert team, I would be interested if these water filter pots or water filter decanters are o.k. from the hygienic standpoint? I use the water from the tank for my coffee machine and for the water boiler. I am interested if I could use the water from the filter also for the vaporiser? Or could too many germs have colonized the filter? Many thanks for your answer in advance, Best regards,
What is the meaning of solid particles in the sputum?
Dear expert team, I (female CF patient with Pseudomonas colonization and asthma) observe for about half a year that I have in the sputum smaller to larger pinpoint particles of deep grey colour. These mostly only come out after a hard, crampy cough and occur every one to two weeks. Can this be a hint for a coming infection or for fungi? I do daily about 5 hours of therapy with Pep, flutter, autogenic drainage and with all CF drugs (colistin, aztreonam each one month, one ampoule of rh-DNAse, budesonide and formoterole, azithromycin, salbutamol and NaCl 0,9%). Could I still inhale an additional mucolytic drug in spite of the asthma? Many thanks for your help and regards, S.
Ivacaftor and Lumacaftor
The results of the phase 3 study have been published a few days ago. There were slight improvements in the 24-weeks study. How can I judge the resutls realistically for the future (timely manner, in case of long-term intake change of the mean life expectancy)? Many thanks for your time
Is the liver enlarged and hardened in case of CF and is hereby a poisoning underlying?
My little one is 4 years old, again and again bronchitis. She has had the medical check-up U8 yesterday and has underweight 96cm and 12,5 kg. She is sweating a lot, the stool colour is light... the pediatrician means she is not a CF child however if one reads about the symptoms then I start to worry. The pediatrician wants to see my girl every 3 months for assessing the weight. Light stool??? She is having bowel movments 1-2 times a day sometimes normally, sometimes a bit mushy... What does fatty stool mean? Should I again contact the pediatrician or should I wait until september for taking the weight?
Placing i.v. lines in children
Which possibilities are there to place an i.v. line less painful (child, 8 years old, great fear, needs an infusion 3 times a day for 14 days)?
Airing in the car / air-conditioning bad in case of CF?
Dear expert team! As we do not have a car, my daughter (21 months, CF) is only very rarely sitting in a car. After the last car ride two days ago, however, she was completely horse and had a strong and coated cough. She was then coughing every night very much and woke up therefore regularly. At the physiotherapy yesterday (hopping on the Pezzi ball) I realized, that she was "bubbling" in the lungs and at each breath I felt/heard wheezing. Today it is better again. My question is: can such a thing occur spontaneously because of the air-conditioning in the car or does it rather have another reason (getting cold or similar things)? Should the usage of the air-conditioning in the car be rather dehorted generally in case of CF patients in the summer? I have to add, that my daughter is in general doing very well and that she coughs seldomly to never, and has no (detectable) mucus! The CF center is very content with her health condition! Many thanks for your answer, Best regards, M.L.
Colloidal silver
Can colloidal silver be taken for fighting bacteria in case of CF and can it also be inhaled? Is there any recent research?
Pseudomonas in the nasal lavage
Dear expert team, First of all many thanks for your efforts. As a partner of a CF patient I am already for a longer time silent reader of your expert advice. Now I would like to pose a question for the first time. In the nasal lavage of my wife (CF, 31 years old, FEV1 85%) Pseudomonas had been detected at the beginning of this year, however not in the lungs. After this, she was recommended to do an inhalation with colistin with the Pari Sinus (twice a day). After a short-termed success (no detection of the germ in the nasal lavage), Pseudomonas aeruginosa could however again be detected in spite of ongoing inhalation. Now the antibiotic has changed to "tobramycin". Unfortunately the nose of my wife is markedly irritated (blood in the mucus) due to the long lasting inhalation. Unfortunately we have the feeling now, not to be really taken for serious in the CF center, as my wife has a very good health condition. Now to my question: How high is the risk, that the germ spreads to the lungs? Can something be done inhere preventively? Furthermore, I would be interested in further therapeutical methods that would be sensible in order to eliminate the germ from the nose. Is for example an i.v. therapy sensible? Many thanks for your help, P.
CF-contact to baby?
Hello, is a CF patient actually allowed to have direct contact to a newborn? The immue system is indeed maturing only over 4 the concrete case the CF patient is only colonized with Staph. aureus, however did already have Pseudmonas in the past. Many thanks for your answer (the baby is not suffering from CF according to test).
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