Nasal vaccine despite colistin inhalation
Hello, can I have my child vaccinated with the nasal flu vaccine even if he inhales colistin? Many thanks.
Why waiting instead of treating?
Hello, a sputum sample has been collected from my 7-month old baby last Sunday because of a greasy cough and a runny nose. Our next medical visit is planned on the next Thursday and treatment is only based on nasal irrigation with isotonic saline and acetaminophen in case of fever. I am anxious about a possible infection and disease degradation between these 2 days. Why waiting instead of treating?
Calories from gummy bears?
Hello, CF patients are told to eat more calories, so far so simple. Does it play a role in which way I take the calories, via wholefood/ bio wholefood according to Dr. Bruker, via fast food from McDonalds or via much malt drinks, gummy bears and soft cheese? Best regards and many thanks for the information! F.
Calory need in case of normal lung function
Dear expert team, does a CF patient with a normal lung function (same values as a healthy person) have the same caloric requirement of 150% as a severly ill CF patient? It does not seem logical to me, as the breathing work in case of patients with a normal lung function is markedly lower. Best regards and many thanks for the information! T.
My 13-year-old daughter has recently been examined several times because CF was suspected. She had a lot of lung infections with Pseudomonas etc. Shortly after her birth CF was also suspected (or Hirschsprung) because she did not release the meconium. After her birth she stayed 1,5 days in hospital. When we came home she still didn’t release meconium. They hesitated to take her back to the hospital, but because she looked rather well, they postponed it. After a day a little bit came, but it was normal baby stool. I always thought they made a mistake at the hospital. It was quite messy at the department and maybe they just forgot to take note whether my daughter made meconium or not. Is it theoretically possible that a child only had ordinary baby stool and no meconium? To me it doesn’t seem possible but because of the current suspicion of CF I start to doubt it.
Prolapse of the rectal mucosa
Hello, my daughter is 6 weeks old and as I recently gave her for the first time a suppository, a slight prolapse of the rectal mucosa occurred due to the fact that she was pressing against it. Now I observed it another time during emptying the bowels. There are always only a few mililmeters, that prolapse and after emptying the bowels the mucosa retracts always immediately. Can this already be a hint for CF?
At what timepoing oyxgen prescribable?
Hello to the answering team, I suffer from CF and want to know, at what timepoint extra oxygen has to be given respectively can be prescribed. The question arises as I have still normal values however at the moment quite strong dyspnea when walking and at slight physical activity. Drugs are at the moment not a real help, either. Can oxygen already be given here? Is also the subjective feeling an indication for the administration of oxygen? This is often like this in my case. Because the "severe" things (diabetes, for example) had in my case also a lead time for some years until they became evident. Many thanks for the answer
Kitten (baby cat)
Hello, we will adopt a kitten within 1 week, the veterinarian said to the current owners of the kittens that since the children had played with them and they might have got worms it was also necessary to treat the kids! Should I do it? Is there no risk for my 5-year-old CF son? What is the most appropriate product? Thank you in advance for your response.
Staphylococcus aureus
Hello, We got to know one month after the birth of our now 3-months-old daughter that she was suffering from CF. She carries the DF508 and G3272-26A mutations. She is followed every month at the CF Center. She has every day respiratory physiotherapy and is until now pancreatic sufficient. My question is, we just got to know that she already has Staphylococcus aureus, she was therefore treated wiht amoxicillin and clavulanic acid for 15 days + respiratory therapy sessions two times a day to help evacuate because she has a sort of bronchitis with green sputum ... Will she be colonized by Staphylococcus aureus all the life or is it possible that there is no trace any more at the next visit, is it possible to eradicate it? The pulmonologist was very evasive about it. I do not understand how this bacterium works. Does this Staphylococcus make the disease develop faster (bronchi and lungs damaged)? Isn’t it too early to be colonized by this bacteria at 3 months ?? We're a little clueless ... Thanking you, Sincerely,
Hello, our neighbors would want to make a henhouse behind our home: It will be neither close to the house, nor close to our ground. I don’t know how much hens there will be, there will be no straw. They asked us if it was dangerous for our CF little boy even if he does not approach it, at the level of germs and feathers? Thank you in advance for your answer
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