Cleaning of holiday appartment
Hello, many thanks for your support! We would like to go to a holiday apparmtent, soon. As one never knowns, who lived there before (dogs etc.) I would like to know, how I can get the floor/tiles quite sterile. Our daughter is 14 months old, crawls and therefore is in constant contact with the floor. She suckles her thumb and does not take a pacifier. Are there any other things, that we should take into account in a holiday appartment? Many thanks
CF and scoliosis
My 13-year-old daughter has a scoliosis of over 40 degrees. It is probable, that the bending is getting worse the coming year. Is it a disadvantage if the spine is not operated (conerning the lung function)?
Parents - carriers of CF mutations
Good morning, I am at the 12th week of gestation with my second child, and my doctor recommended to check for CF, something my gynecologist had not recommended during my first pregnancy. I was checked for 85% of the CFTR mutations and I was found to carry the G542X mutation. My husband was tested for 100% of the mutations and he was found to carry in heterozygotic the mutations F1052V and G1069R in exon 17b. We will do a trophoblast test in a few days. What really worries me is my son. He is 2 years and 3 months old. He is healthy, with no problems and excellent growth. Everybody thinks he is older. He received an IRT test when he was born, and it was negative. My pediatrician tells me not to worry. What do you believe? Thank you!
Juvenile arthritis and CF
I have a 4 year old boy who was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis 2 months ago. He has started treatment. His weight is the same the last few months, something that worries me. He weighs 14 kgr and is 103 cm tall. Since last week he has a productive cough, which has not got any better, despite taking aerolin. Before he started going to day care at the age of 2.5 he was sick only once. His stool looks normal, but do not always sink, especially when he is ill. Do you think he has CF? His sweat seems salty, but the same is true for his father, who does not have CF. I would like to know if the sweat test is influenced by cortisone.
CF possible?
Hello, my daughter is 14 months old and has, after a severe infection with RS virus at the age of 9 weeks, persistent bronchial problems, she gets an inhalative steroid and montelukast permanently. In the last 2 months she had two times a bronchitis and 2 pneumonias short after the other that had been treated in hospital. She is of normal height and weight for her age. She has 3-4 times stool per day, often with rests of the meal in the stool, what I associate however with the lack of chewing due the missing teeth. Now 2 sweat tests had been done, the first value was 53 and the second value at the second test 40. My question is, is the illness of CF excluded? Many thanks for your answer!
Inhalation device
Hello, I have a question concerning my inhalation device. I am 35 years old and suffer from CF. I inhale tobramycin (Bramitop), hypertonic saline 6% - 10ml and rh-DNAse (Pulmozyme). My former device PARI BOY does not function anymore after a quite short time interval. The motor burned. Now I am looking for an alternative. My question ist: can I also inhale with the device Flaem air pro 3000 plus ? ( Can I use this inhalation device also for inhalation of the above mentioned drugs? How should the optimal size of particles be - MMAD in µm? Many thanks for an answer, I.
Tonsilectomy versus longterm antibiotic therapy
Dear expert team, our daughter, 8 years, CF, suffers for one year from repeated infections with streptococci. She is 118cm heigh and weighs 18,4 kg. Each infection is accompanied by high fever and reduced health status. Due to the pain in the throat, she deteriorates quickly and does not drink and eat anymore, so that it has to be treated in hospital several times. In the throat swab always strepotococci can be found, that are immediately treated with antibiotics. ...with good success concering her status. According to the CF center, we give the antibiotics always for 20 days. After the 20 days, we can just wait until it starts again. After it had been like this for 4-5 times, our center recommended an antibiotic cure with cefuroxim for 3 months, which we did. In this time, we had no episodes of tonsillitis. Now, just 3 days after finishing, it starts again; high fever, pain in the throat, reduced status and streptococci. We directly started with amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid, and only after 1.5 days she is free of symptoms again. Now to our question: should the tonsills be removed, like the ENT specialist is recommending it or should rather a longterm antibiotic therapy be done? What about the operation for tonsillectomy and anaesthesia and CF? We are afraid, that the infections turn to go down to the lung if the tonsils are removed. However taking antibiotics the whole year does not please us, either. Are there any other reasons for a colonization with strepotococci? What else can we do? Our daughter is apart from her small height and weight active and fit, the FEV1 value in the lung function is 100%, the small airways at about 50-60%. Many thanks for your help
i.v. Pseudomonas eradication therapy - dosage
Dear expert team, I would have a question about the right dosage concering an intravenous Pseudomonas eradication therapy. After an inhalative trial did not bring long-lasting sucess in order to eradicate Pseudomonas completely, an i.v. therapy had been planned with my physician at the last visit. At this visit, my physician asked me about my weight. After I said it was 57 kg, the following dosage had been proposed after a short moment of thinking: 3 x 2 g ceftazidim and 1 x 300g tobramycin for 14 days. Now I read in the literature, that much higher dosages of ceftazidim should be administered. Now I am insecure, if my physician had probably made a mistake when calculating the dosage according to my weight by head. Would you please check the dosage? What would be the usual dosage for a weight of 57kg in case of an eradication therapy? Many thanks for your help in advance!
Drying of the inhalation device of the e-flow
I have been given a dehydrator (normally one dehydrates fruit in it) in order to dry my inhalation device of the e-flow nebulizer after cleaning. Is that sensible or is it damaging? Some CF patients seem to use this....
Baby and physiotherapy
Hello, What is the best physiotherapy technique for a CF baby? Recover the mucus that comes out with a tissue or let the child swallow the mucus? Best regards
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