Disclaimer (Expert advice for Health Care Team Members)

Please note:

  • If you are a patient, a family member or a friend of a patient and have found this site accidentally, you should leave this forum and log on to the forum for patients, family members and friends.
  • The information given in the expert advice does not replace a medical consultation or treatment advice from your doctor. Please also note the important information given to the patients in the expert advice for patients.
  • The expert’s forum for members of medical professions (doctors, nurses, etc.) is organized by the same experts who also organize the expert advice for the patients. However, when answering the questions in the expert’s forum our experts presuppose medical knowledge.
  • The responsibility for the application of the advice from the expert forum is borne by the attending doctor.
  • Without a direct doctor-patient-contact there is a possibility that the problem described in the expert advice is misleading.  The advice given by the expert can only be a general support for you and possibly for the medical doctor whom you trust.
  • The information given by the expert advice is based on the current state of knowledge of the respective expert.
  • Brand-name medications, which are mentioned in the answers, usually are given as examples. Having mentioned a medication in the answer does not mean that it is better than a medication that has not been mentioned. Whether a brand-name medication is mentioned or not does not imply a recommendation.
  • Usually, protected brand names (trade-marks) are specified in a certain way (®). If this specification is missing this does not mean that the trade name is free.
  • ECORN-CF will indicate the doses and the treatments that correspond to the state of knowledge at the time when the question is being answered. Users of the expert advice should read the directions of the drug to be taken for changes regarding the dose, treatment, contraindications and side-effects that can only be valuated in consideration of all facts, are always possible.
  • The given information about treatment in the answers should be used to support the dialogue between patient and doctors.
  • The ECORN-CF is not responsible for the correctness and completeness of the expert advice. ECORN-CF only offers the technical platform between the medical experts and the users.
  • ECORN-CF or the experts working for the expert advice cannot be held responsible for any damage or casualties resulting from using the expert advice.  The same applies for damages and casualties which can result to the users from using this online service itself, for example due to technical reasons.