Dr. med. Vera Vavrova

Cystic Fibrosis Centre Prague, Pediatric department University Hospital Motol, Charles University, 2nd Medical School, Prague
V?ra Vávrová

Curriculum Vitae and Scientific Career


  • 1947–1952 Medical studies, medical Faculty, Charles University Prague
  • 1964 License of Pediatric practice
  • 1990 License of Pneumology
  • 1965 PhD  - with thesis: The incidence, diagnostic and clinical picture of cystic fibrosis in children
  • 1987 Doctor of Sciences  - with thesis: The longitudinal course of cystic fibrosis
  • 1992 Associate professor

Professional position

A) Current

  • Since 1991 Associated professor, 2nd Medical Faculty - Charles university, Prague (now 0,1 time).
  • Since 1960 Cystic fibrosis out-patient clinic, University hospital Motol – (0.025 time nowadays)

B) Previous

  • 1953–1954 Pediatrician in a Municipal hospital at Kladno
  • 1959–1960 Department of the 2nd Medical Faculty - Charles university, Prague
  • 1960–1991 Scientific worker of the Institute of Child Development, Charles University Prague


  • 1976–1998 Second secretary of the European Working Group for Cystic Fibrosis
  • 1989 Organized the 16th European cystic fibrosis conference in Prague
  • 1970–2000 Head of the Cystic fibrosis working group of The Czech pediatric society (until June 200


  • 1979 Pediatric society award (Rehabilitácia)
  • 1979 Literary foundation award (member of team)
  • 1995 The Annual  Award from the Czech Ministry of Health for the most prestigious presentation of the Z 215 IGA Grant (member of team)

Research grant support:

  • 1991–1993 Ministery of Health of the Czech Republic: Study of the influences on the course of the disease in cystic fibrosis (A)
  • 1994–1998 Ministery of Health of the Czech Republic: New trends in the treatment of cystic fibrosis (A).
  • 1999–2004 Research project of the ministery of education and sports 111300003 - 8.2: Optimalisation of diagnostic and therapeutic methods in cystic fibrosis

Published  3 monographies, 24 chapters in monographies, 186 original papers , and 222 short communications.

Special subjects:

Diagnosis, clinical course and treatment of cystic fibrosis


  • Czech pediatric society
  • European Cystic Fibrosis Society