Prof. Milan Macek Jr. M.D. Ph.D

Institute of Biology and Medical Genetics, Charles University Prague

Chairman of the Institute of Biology and Medical Genetics, Charles University Prague and Head of the National Cystic fibrosis centre at this institute. Born: 1961, Prague; Czechoslovakia; Nationality: Czech; University Degree: M.D. (VI-1986) in Medicine & Pediatrics; 2001: Ph.D in Medical Molecular Genetics, 2004 – Professorship Medical an Molecular Genetics

Educational History & Professional training:

1/ 1980-1986; II. Sch. Med., Charles Univ. Prague; graduation with "Magna cum Laude" with "Rector´s Distinction" for the "Best Student of the Class of 1986.

2/ 1986-1988; pediatric residency (Prague / Liberec; Czechoslovakia); 3/ 1986-1994; postgraduate training at the Dept. Clin. Biochem. I. School Med., Charles Univ. Prague, a/ X-XI/1986; research fellowship at the Department of Clinical. Genetics, Uppsala Univ., Sweden; b/ 1987-1988; research fellowship at the Dept. Experimental Virology, Institute of. Sera & Vaccines Prague; 4/ 1989-1992; 1. intl. postdoctoral fellowship- Institute of Human Genet., Free University of Berlin, Germany; a/ V/1990; European School of Medical Genetics (ESHG / FEBS Course) in Sestri Levante, Italy; b/ X/1991; research fellow at Harvard Sch. Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Boston MA, USA, c/ II/1992; research fellow at Institute of Cancer Research., Hospital Duran y Reynals, Barcelona, Spain; 5/ V/1992-VI/1995; 2. intl. postdoctoral fellowship-  McKusich-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA; 6/ VII/1995 - "Int. Short Course Medical & Experimental Mammalian Genetics", Jackson Lab., Bar Harbor, Maine, USA; 7/ X/1997- "2. Intl. Symp. Preimplantation Genet.", RGI-Illinois Masonic Med, Cntr., Chicago, U.S.A.; 7/ IV/2004: 3. Genetic Counselling Course – Eurogene Foundation, Bertinoro, Italy

Professional Honors & Awards:

"The 1991 Annual Czech Medical Society of J.E. Purkyne Prize"; "The 1995 Award of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic"; "The 1996 Charles University / I st School of Medicine Top 10 Award"; 1997 – Czech Ministry of Health Annual Award; The 2003 Annual Award of the Czech Society of Medical Genetics  - all for molecular genetic research in pediatric genetics

Scientific Societies & Research Consortia Membership:

1992-American Society of Human Genetics, 2000- European Society of Human Genetics  (since 2001 – Board Member); since 1997 – HUGO International

International Grant Support:

1/ 1994-1998: joint US-CZ research grant (DHHL, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. & MŠMT, Czech Rep.); 2/ 1997-1999: research grant from A.P.A.P.E (Paris; France) within "Barrande programme" (#970157); European Commission: FP5- coinvestigator of projects: CRMGEN, CF Thematic Network, CF Chip, COGENE a Copernicus 2, EMQN, Marie Curie Training Site (Molecular Genetics of Cystic Fibrosis); FP6: Snip2Chip, Micro2DNA, Eurogentest, Population Biobanks, EuroCareCF

Other scientific activities:

Ad hoc reviewer for - Human Mutation, American Journal of Human Genetics, Clinical Genetics, Human Genetics a European Journal of Human Genetics; reviewer for EU grants from the 5th and 6th framework programmes – Marie Curie Actions, STREPs, NoEs, IST, NEST

Since 1996– Cystic Fibrosis Centre annually received technological accreditation from the CF Thematic Network

Domestic grant projects:

Internal grant agency of the Czech Ministry of Health (7x) and Grant Agency (GACR)

Participant of the Czech research Network Czech Centre of Integrated Genomics together with the Acad. Sciences

Organisation of scientific meetings:

1996- organiser Workshop ECCACF – European Community CF Network, Praha; 1996 – co-organiser Workshop Prenatal Diagnosis – PECO-Eucromic, Praha; 1997 – organiser – HUGO Mutation Detection Workshop, Brno; 2005 – organiser 8th Cystic Fibrosis Symposium of Eurogentest, Praha; 2005 – Local Host European Human Genetics Conference, Praha; 2006 – organiser – Workshop of European External Quality Assessment, Praha; 2006 – Eurogentest Steering Group meeting, Praha

Teaching Experience:

International: II/ 1997 -108. Interdisciplinary Colloqium at Inst. Hum. Genet., Charité, Humboldt Univ. Berlin, , d/ III/1997- "Graduirtenkolleg – Mol. Pathophysiologie des Zellwachstums, MHH, Hannover; e/ 1997-1998- "Intl. mentorship program" of the EC INCO Program; f/ 1. Mutation Detection Course (HUGO), Cambridge (UK) g/ VII/2000 -"Graduirtenkolleg 336 –DGGE and SSCP, Univ. of Hamburg at Eppendorf, UKE, h/ IX/2000 - 2. Mutation Detection Course (HUGO) –Leeds (UK); b/ Domestic: Charles University Prague 2. School of Medicine (pregraduate and postgraduate)

Publication activities:

author and coauthor of 53 scientific papers, mean impact factor 9.76 and citation index 1123x (ISI: V/2006); invited speaker to 32 international conferences