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Can CF be diagnosed during pregnancy?
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It is possible to screen for CF during pregnancy using ultrasound scanning, chorionic villous sampling and amniocentesis. Although the latter investigations are considered to be the particularly effective in terms of confidently establishing a diagnosis of CF, these particular tests are invasive and may not be widely available. A hyperechogenic (bright appearance) of the foetal bowel evident on ultrasound during the second trimester of pregnancy can be detected in approximately 2% of foetuses. Although it can be considered a normal variant, this finding is often associated with disease, such as CF. The risk of CF is higher when this hyperechogenicity is associated with additional findings such as bowel dilatation or with absence of the gall bladder.[1] The use of ultrasound examination as a basis for screening for CF has been extensively studied, and overall it is considered to be effective, particularly in populations where the disease is frequent. It is important to be aware that although there is an increased risk of CF with a foetal echogenic bowel,[2] the examination is relatively subjective and this can lead to variability between operators. Therefore, ultrasound remains a useful option for CF screening in pregnancy, although like many other screening tests, it has a recognised false positive and false negative rate if used in isolation.

The website below provides further information on antenatal screening for CF:

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