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pseudomonas in swimming pools

may i allow my child to go swimming?

Thank you for your question. Similar questions have been answered already on the ECORN website and so you should have a look through the questions and answers as this is a very popular topic (see also previous questions on sports, swimming pool, saline, lakes etc. and Pseudomonas).

With regard to your specific question which is about PA in swimming pools there is concern about hot water pools (tropical swimming pools, hammams) because in that situation a sort of aerosol will be formed that can contain high concentrations of the Pseudomonas bacteria. These aerosols are then breathed in during visiting such a pool and in case of CF patient can cause an infection. That is why swimming in tropical pools is not genreally recommended.

Swimming in a well maintained public swimming pool is better: the addition of a sufficient amount of chlorine to the water will kill the Pseudomonas bacteria.

I hope this answers your question.


Judy Bradley
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