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National laws for CF patients

Dear representative,

I know that in Italy there is a law that governs the CF treatment clinics and other aspects. Are there other similar laws in different European countries?

We would like to establish an Israeli law, and for that we wish to gather all equivalent laws.

Thank you in advance.
Dear questioner,

Thank you for your question. Apologies for the lateness of this response, however I have been trying to source an accurate answer for you. I have been in contact with representatives from the ECFS and we are in agreement that there is a law which governs the CF treatment clinics in Italy. I have also found one example in France of laws that govern CF treatment clinics. In France CF patients need to be treated in approved CF clinics, of which there are currently 45. (There was an evaluation of CF centers in 2009). For further information, please check the link to the official statement organizing French CF care in 2001:‎. I would like to emphasise however that I have not been able to check with individual countries CF groups. I do hope this response is helpful.

Prof Judy Bradley
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