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Any recommendations, in general, on how often to disinfect items such as sinks, toilets, tubs, shower doors and heads, etc? I am feeling overwhelmed. Thanks.
Dear Questioner,
Thank you for your relevant question to ECORN CF.
One of the goals in the treatment of cystic fibrosis is to avoid chronic colonization with certain bacteria. Knowing the places most at risk at home and in the environment can reduce the risk of germ transmission. In the absence of studies proving that a certain approach to cleaning will prevent specific bacterial contamination in cystic fibrosis, it is recommended to follow general advice on basic hygiene.
Bleach is an efficient disinfectant to help reduce this risk but it must be used in accordance with its instructions. Bleach is recommended as a disinfectant at home because it is kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. It therefore seems reasonable to disinfect the areas you have listed once a week including the WC, bathroom and kitchen.
For the well-being of your child, for a better quality of life for the whole family and still awaiting the results of future studies on this subject it seems important today to apply at home the basic rules of hygiene, simple and without excess. A study published in 2008 (1), demonstrates that excessive use of household chemicals can be harmful for the respiratory health of children.
In summary what should be done: have basic hygiene measures, with a particular attention to the bathroom and kitchen (in the areas you have suggested), ventilate the house 10 minutes a day, wash hands several times a day.
However, zero risk does not exist. An excessive attitude about the hygiene measures can affect the quality of life. So you have to find a balance with all this information.
Please speak with your specialist CF team about your concerns.

Best wishes
Katherine O’Neill

1) Henderson et al Eur Respir J. 2008 Mar;31(3):547-54. Epub 2007 Oct 24.
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