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hello, my son's chest xray at age 6.5 months showed "hyperinflation", which his CF doctor described as too much air in the lungs? I was hoping for anymore information on this condition and how it relates to CF. Is it cause for concern that he is such a young age with hyperinflation? Thank you so much.
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Many thanks for your question. I am afraid I can only give some general information on hyperinflation. Your local CF team would be the best people to speak to for more information on your son’s condition and about what may be causing the hyperinflation.

Hyperinflation occurs when the lungs inflate to a level greater than they normally would. It can be related to mucus in the lungs which traps air in the lungs. Hyperinflation can be chronic and be a long term characteristic. It can also indicate an increase in mucus related to a respiratory infection, which would hopefully resolve with correct therapy. Unfortunately I am unable to give any specific information on this platform and would advise you to speak again with your local CF team.

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