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Air humidifiers for the home

My baby (4 months old) has been diagnosed with CF. I'm wondering whether we should get a humidifier for his room to a) clear the air and b) increase the moisture in the air which may help his this worthwhile? Do you have a point of view on getting an air purifier / filter versus getting a humidifier?

I would not recommend that you should get either a humidifier etc for your baby unless for some reason this was recommended by your CF doctor. Although there is no evidence it is likely that the moist environment in humidifiers could encourage bacteria or bugs that are potentially harmful to CF to grow. Therefore in my opinion I do not think you should get a humdifier or a air purifier for your sons room. Your CF centre will have recommended a package of care for your son and it is imporatnt to adhere to their recommendations and discuss any issues such as this with them.

Best wishes

Stuart Elborn