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Cystic Fibrosis

Does anyone know if the salt air purifer by salin works well for a cf patient?
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After doing some research, I have some information on the Salin device you were asking about.
It is my understanding that the Salin device was designed for use in countries where there less opportunity to use modern, sometimes expensive therapies for the treatment of chronic diseases. However Salin has not been recommended in any recent European CF guidelines, whereas there is clear evidence for other adjuncts to improve sputum clearance in CF populations, such as DNAse therapy, and hypertonic saline.
The Salin device is an air purifier/ salinizer that uses forced ionization of the indoor air by salt sublimation. Using an internal electric fan, air is passed through plates with sediment layers of microcrystallized salt. It is designed to create a micro climate of dry aerosol salt therapy, reproducing the climate of underground salt caves which are popular in Eastern Europe with patients with respiratory conditions.
The main reasons for using this device would be to improve sputum clearance There is not really any robust evidence supporting the use of this device to improve sputum clearance. At the European CF Conference in 2001 an abstract summarized the findings of a small study which reported some benefits from this device but I would emphasise this study has not been published in full. Therefore well designed studies would need to be conducted to assess if this therapy is beneficial and if there are any negative effects associated with it.
In summary as there is no evidence to support the use of the Salin device in patients with CF. If you are considering using this device, please contact your local CF unit to obtain their expert opinion on its suitability and to discuss possible issues relating to its use in CF e.g. cleaning, cross-infection.
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