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Room Temperature

What is the BEST room temperature for a person with CF?
Dear questioner,
There is no scientific research on the best room temperature for a person with CF; so mostly the same things concerning room climate are true for CF patients and non-CF patients. Temperature in the bedroom during sleeping should be around 16-18°C, while living room temperature is regarded to be comfortable between 20-22°C. One person likes it rather colder, the other one needs perhaps even 23°C to feel comfortable. Equally important is also the question about the room humidity; we have a detailed answer on this topic that may also interest you. You can find it by using the following link:[showitem]=2767&tx_expertadvice_pi1[search]=airing

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Dr. Daniela d’Alquen (Coordinator of the Central English Archive of ECORN-CF)
The answer is edited by: Prof Judy Bradley