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Inhaled antibiotics available in Germany

My daughter will be studying in Germany for 6 months this spring/summer and is interested in what inhaled antibiotics are available and approved for use in CF there. Could someone tell us?
Thank you for this question. I have discussed this question with one of the CF Consultant Physicians in Germany who has given me the following information on the availability of inhaled antibiotics in Germany. The inhaled antibiotics approved for inhalation use in Germany are Tobi® (Tobramycin 300 mg), Colistin CF® (1 Mio Units), and since very recently Promixin® (Colistin 1 Mio Units again) and Gernebcin 40/60/80 (Tobramycin 40/60/80 mg) and Bramitob® (Tobramycin 300mg). You should discuss this information with your local CF doctors so that they can advise what inhaled antibiotics your daughter should use whilst in Germany. It is also a good idea to make links with a local CF centre in Germany and your local CF doctors will organize this for you.


Judy Bradley
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