Pulmonary rehab for CF patients
Can you send me the latest guidelines or focused reviews on pulmonary rehab and CF patients? Or just plain pediatric pulmonary rehabilitation.....
Endurance race
Hello, Can a small 40-minute endurance race for about 4.5 km replace a physiotherapy session in a 9 year-old child who has 6 sessions per week. There is no breathlessness, no cough nor bronchial congestion during this effort. A big thank you and to your team for your answers.
2 patients aged 9 and 13 will attend the same gym but will not be in the same classes. The question is: should we pass a surface disinfectant on the beams and rigging they have used after every session? One girl is chronically colonized by Staph aureus and X maltophilia, the other by Staphylococcus ...
Swimming after lung transplantation
Hello, I would like to know if and when one can go swimming after a double-lung transplantation. In an outdoor swimming pool / lake / indoor swimming pool? And where is the problem in general? Thank you!
Magnesium carbonate in climbing
How dangerous is the "chalk" for the lungs that is used during sport climbing and that is floating in the air in the halls? Can (healthy) parents take their CF-child/-baby with them for some hours daily into the climbing halls without concerns?
CF and swiming pool
Are swimming pools safe for children with CF? What do we need to know?
Thermal bath
Hello, I have a question concerning thermal baths. How is it there with humid-germs, especially the Pseudmonas aeruginosa? Has one actually to expect such germs there due to the salt content of the water? On the other hand, the water is very warm, which are good conditions for the germs. ...
baby gym
Hello, I have a 12-month-old girl with cystic fibrosis. Can I register her on babygym? I know that it is good for the development but I don’t know if I shall wait before meeting her many other infants (especially in winter)? Should she begin later? Thank you.
parachute jump
One of my patients who presents a respiratory failure (FEV1 between 22 and 31%), with hypoxemia and hypercapnia has received for his birthday a parachute jump. He was dreaming about it since a long time. He needs a medical certificate. I think it is not reasonable because of situation fragility to ...
Are swimming pools an unnecessary risk after all?
Dear ECORN experts, It seems to be a common view that swimming in well maintained indoor pools is safe for people with CF but I'm starting to wonder if this really is so? I have discontinued my son's swimming lessons because he regularly had both staphylococcal and fungal infections in his ...
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