Dear expert team, we have the following question on behalf of our daughter (29 years old, CF): Her lungs have been colonized for several years with trichosporon, and she has been taking VFEND® (voriconazole) on and off for three years. Since the fungus is giving her a really hard time, she ...
Pseudomonas stutzeri in the lung - request
Only a short comment to the article [Pseudomonas stutzeri in the lung from the 5.12.2010]. Dear expert team, I do not know if I have skipped something. But here it seems to involve apparently not yet a known CF but "only" cough with the finding of Pseudomonas. Or do I got something wrong? Would ...
Hello, my daughter, 13, did well until april. Then she got a pneumonia and a pleuritis. She struggled for a long time with that. Now an operation should follow after many investigations, the middle lobe of the lung should be removed as it collapsed during a bronchoscopy. My question: is it really ...
Treatment after lung bleed
What are points to be observed after lung bleed?
X-ray or MRI
Dear expert team, in my CF-center, once a year an x-ray of the lung is done routinely. Does this is at present still the standard procedure or would an MRI not be better, as with this for example the bronchiectasis could be diagnosed better resp. MRI is overall more conclusive? Also with regard ...
CF worse in the winter?
Dear expert team, My son has a severe cough (including bringing up mucus) which starts in September and lasts until the end of April. From May until August, he does have a cough as well, but not as severe. He also has chronic polypoid pansinusitis, which we are able to manage quite well with ...
Haemoptysis - numbness
Good evening! I am 23 years old and suffer from CF with df508 mutation. I have many bronchectasies and since some time ago I cough out blood every day, even in small quantities in my sputum, or on its own. The last 1,5 year something strange came up. Sometimes I cough, I have haemoptysis, even a ...
MRI with cystic fibrosis
We were advised to do an annual MRI for our son (9 years old, CF). What are the experiences with that and is this harmful to the body? We also want to add that our son does not have any lung problems and his lung function is always good. Many thanks.
Hello, my 6-year-old son has been having coughs (infections) since age 1 and has to throw up mucus. The doctors said that he has croup. It is getting worse each year. Last year he had a budding pneumonia and empty-stomach vomiting, abdominal pain, and strange stool (brown-white-yellowish with ...
Treatment of a long-term germ colonization
I have been living with the CF diagnosis for a long time. Today, the doctors think that it is not CF but “only” COPD with bronchiectasia. I have several infections every year which are always treated with antibiotics in tablet form (for several years now mostly cefuroxime and moxifloxacin). ...
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