Dear expert, I suffer from severe asthma which has proven to be almost completely resistant to therapy. The only thing that brings relief are high oral dosages of cortisone. Lung function is permanently limited. I have about three pneumonias per year in addition to several other infections. One ...
Wind instrument
Our 5 year old child would like to learn a wind instrument. Is it good or bad for a CF patient to play a wind instrument with regards to the pressure on the lungs, etc.? And would it be better to use a plastic flute instead of a wooden flute since wood does not dry that quickly with regard to the ...
Lung function baby
Dear expert team, our little daughter is 4 months old and was diagnosed with CF. She is doing well and we are already going to a specialised outpatient clinic. My question is: How is it possible to test the condition of the lung in such a young age in addition to a throat swab? And is it ...
Dear expert team, My question is: I am 30 years old and have an FEV1 of currently 81% which is stable for about 10 years now. How is the prospect for me or in other words: is it possible to predict if the FEV1 has to deteriorate inevitably? Many thanks.
Dear experts, at measuring of the lung function of my 9-year-old daughter (CF) there are mentioned 2 FEV1-values. FEV1, measured in D%(actual1/desired) as 26.8 and FEV1% VC MAX, measured in D%(actual1/desired) as 20.9. Which of the two values corresponds to the "classical" FEV1-value, that means ...
Lung problems in CF
What causes cystic fibrosis lung disease?
Shunt volume
Dear expert team, Is it possible that the shunt volume does have an influence on Cystic Fibrosis? I have been diagnosed with an increased shunt volume but so far the therapy has not been changed. Was does “increased shunt volume” mean exactly? (...) How has an increased shunt volume to be ...
Follow-up question: growth and lung function
Dear Dr. Posselt, Many thanks for your answer, to which I have a further question. This is indeed about structural changes; you write that “lung tissue has a very low regenerative ability.” This could be positive during growth, though: the scar tissue does not grow, but the lungs as a ...
Growth and lung function
Dear experts, with our daughter (7, CF), there could be seen some "changed areas" in the HRCT (high resolution CT). Is it possible, that due to the growth of the lung the relative part of these areas decreases, so that the lung can "grow healthy" in part? Or can one assume that "healthy" and ...
coughing up blood
is it serious to be coughing up blood in cystic fibrosis
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