Phlegm production
Good afternoon. 1.5 month ago I had bronchitis and had 2 courses of antibiotics. However, I still have phlegm. And have back pain in the area of the lungs. 3 weeks ago examination of CRP showed 0. Is it possible that these symptoms are result of severe bronchitis and they will resolve ...
Factors that can influence the thickness of the secretions
Dear expert-team, Are there conditions apart from medication that can make secretions more tenacious or more liquid? For instance type of food, weather conditions, etc?
CT for follow-up?
Our doctor at the outpatient clinic recommended doing an annual CT for CF follow-up with our one-year-old daughter. Is that exaggerated? What about benefits and significance compared to radiation exposure? Is radiation exposure much higher than with X-ray? Thanks in advance.
Hello, My daughter is 19 years old and for 5 years she has one infect exacerbation after the other. Currently, we have like 4-6 IV therapies per year. During the last treatment stay in Tannheim [place in Germany] a patient told my daughter about bronchoscopy. During the bronchoscopy of this ...
Increased amount of sputum and weakness
Hello, I (female, 31) have CF (Pseudomonas colonized) and since some time Aspergillus and the MRSA. For about the last 2 months I cough more and also have much more sputum. I realize also when coughing, that there is more in the lung. Due to the frequent and exhausting coughing I am often very ...
Permanent therapy with azithromycin
Hello, I am 34 years old, have CF and have a staphylococcus aureus colonization for about 20 years and take antibiotics for 2 years about every 3 months, sometimes ampicillin plus sulbactam, sometimes other. Sometimes other germs occur, however dissapear again. I do not have a Pseudmonas ...
Bleeding of the lungs and flying
Hello. A few years ago I had a severe bleeding of the lung, that had been "repaired" via 2 embolizations. Now my question: Do longterm flights facilitate bleedings of the lung (saturation about 95%)? Many thanks for your efforts.
Lung disease?
Good afternoon, I need very much answer to my question, since I am about to be madden due to thinking and searching for the information…nearly one year ago I started with phlegm, episodically I expectorated sputum of different kind, 3-6 times per day approximately with volume of dinner spoon, ...
lung function
i have been told my lung function is a third of predicted, does this mean my lung function is around 33%?
Sputum color
Hello. What does the sputum color reveal? Thanks in advance for your answer!
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