Staphylococcus aureus
Hello, We got to know one month after the birth of our now 3-months-old daughter that she was suffering from CF. She carries the DF508 and G3272-26A mutations. She is followed every month at the CF Center. She has every day respiratory physiotherapy and is until now pancreatic sufficient. My ...
FEV1 value
Hello, I (CF, 39-years-old) would like to know up to which value the FEV1 value is in the normal range. My FEV1 value is at the 50% mark. Regards, E.
CT scan of the lungs appropriate?
Hello, many thanks for your help in advance! Age: 36, male, in the frame of a genetic investigation at a center for reproductive medicine a genetic defect has been detected (before history of hypozoospermia, infertility diagnostics in case of CFTR-related disorder). Bronchial asthma, allergic ...
Worsening of the lung function
Hello, My daughter has been diagnosed to suffer from CF 2 years ago (she was already 17 years old). After the first shock, we have begun to accept the disase. The medical care was very good and the therapy worked well. Her lung function increased concerning the FEV1 value from 80 to 107 in ...
What is the meaning of solid particles in the sputum?
Dear expert team, I (female CF patient with Pseudomonas colonization and asthma) observe for about half a year that I have in the sputum smaller to larger pinpoint particles of deep grey colour. These mostly only come out after a hard, crampy cough and occur every one to two weeks. Can this be a ...
Cystic fibrosis?
Dear experts, I (28, female) suffer for years from mucus in the lungs, thorat, nose. Reflux has been excluded, lung has been investigated, no allergies, nose has been investigated without result. For a longer time digestive problems. Especially the mucus in the throat is disturbing as I have to ...
Hello, my daughter, 11-years-old, suffers from CF and has for a few months much more mucus. The last three sputum samples were free of germs. However, our doctor asks all the time, if it had been a real good sputum. I always pay attention to the fact, that there is really mucus in it and not only ...
Newborn screening and sweat test
Dear expert team, my daughter (18 month old) suffers from her 15th week of life on of chronic productive cough of unknown origin. Three weeks after the cough had started at that time, she got a long lasting bronchitis (RSV negative April 2013), that did not resolve. With the inhalation of ...
FluimucilĀ® (acetylcystein) and / or other mucolytic drugs
Hello, For children suffering from CF, are FluimucilĀ® (acetylcystein) or other mucolytic drugs in form of tablets or sirup sensible as long term therapy? Can they liquefy the CF mucus or are they not effective? Many thanks!
Blood in the sputum
Hello dear expert team, my son is 8-years-old and suffers from CF, he has blood in the sputum since Thursday. On Thursday he has been discharged from hospital after 14 days of i.v. therapy, he had a pneumonia. It happens up to 8 times and sometimes it is streaked with blood and sometimes there ...
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