Daily colored sputum
Hello, my 5 year old son has colored sputum (green - yellow) daily. Is it due to chronic colonization by staph? He takes Pulmozyme┬« daily and has respiratory physiotherapy every day also. He has daily sputum that we are trying to evacuate every day. Does this mucus affect his lungs? Even after ...
Hello, my son's chest xray at age 6.5 months showed "hyperinflation", which his CF doctor described as too much air in the lungs? I was hoping for anymore information on this condition and how it relates to CF. Is it cause for concern that he is such a young age with hyperinflation? Thank you so ...
CF yes or no?
Hello, my 8-year-old daughter has health problems since birth (croup, bronchitis, pneumonia etc.). She is 119cm tall and weighs 18.5 kg. Allergy tests, blood investigations, bronchoscopy, ciliar diagnostics, x-rays etc. have already been done. She takes Viani 125┬« (fluticasone and ...
Pulmonary rehab for CF patients
Can you send me the latest guidelines or focused reviews on pulmonary rehab and CF patients? Or just plain pediatric pulmonary rehabilitation.....
Flight duration
I had 2.5 years ago a pneumothorax, can I nevertheless go on an 11-hours flight without fear?
Lung function declined
[The original German question was asked in telegraphic style - this is also reflected in the translation] Hello, I am 38 years old and have CF. Since about half a year my lung function has declined. FEV1 35% and alltogether about 50%. The MRT does not show any decline. Oxygen is normal (97%). ...
My 15yr old daughter experienced an atelectasis in her right lung. She has been treated with IV antibiotics, airway clearance techniques and bronchoscopy for the past 6 weeks and the atelectasis is now 80% resolved. It seems that this problem may come back again despite rh-DNAse and airway ...
Magnesium carbonate in climbing
How dangerous is the "chalk" for the lungs that is used during sport climbing and that is floating in the air in the halls? Can (healthy) parents take their CF-child/-baby with them for some hours daily into the climbing halls without concerns?
Improvement of lung function during pregnancy
In case of a friend of mine, her lung function improved about 13% due to a pregnancy. What kind of experience do you have with pregnant women? It lasted for about 11 months until the lung function returned to the level before pregnancy.
MRI for a 5-year-old child?
Hello, we have a 5-year-old child with CF. Our child is doing very well. Up to now, no problematic germs have been detected and the lung function is also very good. Now we have been told at the last visit of the CF center, that one would like to do in future an MRI with our child in order to ...
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