Does a very strong parncreatic insufficient CF patent will inevitably develop sometime a diabetes? Thus, is there a connection between a strong exocrine impairment and a strong endocrine impairment? If yes, at what timepoint should one investigate a very strong pancreatic insufficient child ...
Variations of blood sugar values
Dear CF team, I have no proven diabetes in case of CF. The regularly performed OGTT (oral gulcose tolerance test) has been borderline for years, never unambiguously too high. The fasting blood sugar values are between 105 and 138. Insulin donation for the night has been discussed, however the ...
Blood pressure and heart rate in children with cystic fibrosis
Hello Can cystic fibrosis cause problems of blood pressure and / or elevated heart rate in CF adolescents (110 beats / min, he is 14 years old)? Are the two related? If so, would there be a link between cause and effect? Early infection or something else? Thank you very much in advance for your ...
CFRD (CF-related diabetes)
When do we speak of CF-related diabetes? When should be started with insulin according to the guidelines? Can a tablet also reduce the glucose?
Oral glucose tolerance test (OGT)
My son, 35 years old, has a pathological oral glucose tolerance test (OGT) - performed at the general practitioner- CF center did not regard the test to be necessary - Hb A1c 5.4. The blood sugar values after 60 min: 278 and after 90 min: 243. Should one begin with little dosages of insulin or ...
I have a question, I (16) have per se already a big belly (respectively a bit a big one) due to CF and diabetes. However, now it gets worse, I have quite much air in it.... as it turs out to be worse and worse with the belly (thus bigger and all) this bothers me a lot...can one do something about ...
Contraception in case of CF with diabetes
Dear expert team, I (22 years old, CF) have a few general questions, that could either not be answered satisfactorily by my gynaecologist nor by my CF-doctor. 1. Which contraceptional method is the one most suitable in case of a CF patient with induced diabetes- except condom? Also in respect ...
CF related diabetes (CFRD)
Is there something a patient can do to prevent or slow down the onset of CFRD.
Diabetes and decline of lung function
Hello, does the diagnosis of a diabetes requiring treatment with oral anti-diabetic medication in adulthood invariably lead to a deterioration of health (especially regarding lung function and FEV1) even if the diabetes is correctly controlled?
Insulin from when onwards?
Hello, A glucose test showed that my glucose level is elevated, although only minimally at 220 and after meals, and only so little that I will inject 1-2 units. Does this now mean I have diabetes, or not yet? My doctor could not provide any specific information. Many thanks for your answer.