diabetes and CF
Is it possible for patiens with CF to suffer from diabetes due to CF? If yes, what should a mother do for her baby, in order to minimize this possibility? Is it a diet issue? Can it be avoided?
Diagnostics in case of diabetes
Hello, which test is used to diagnose a diabetes in CF at the moment? In the past, glucose tolerance tests have been performed regularly to me, now not anymore for years. When I pointed that out in the CF center, I have been told that today one would prefer the HbA1c value, as it would be more ...
Cystic fibrosis related diabetes
My son, aged 28, has just been told that he should receive a treatment for diabetes in the near future (within a year, more or less) and then be hospitalized for 15 days to control treatment. What about this treatment, inconvenience, devices to carry everywhere (is it light weight, discrete), ...
I have several questions concerning CF related diabetes. How does it occur in CF? How is the treatment? When should the treatment be started? Are there differences between CF related diabetes and diabetes? When in a CF related diabetes does one start a treatment with insulin?
Severity of CF
If CF related liver disease or CF related diabetes occur at an early age (i.e. before the age of 4) does that influence survival?
Diabetes & CF & dementia
If I (CF) have a diabetes, which is only hardly to handle due to the underlying disease, and I have in addition the worry to suffer from a diabetes-related neurodegeneration- to whom I do address for diagnosis and adjustment? Neurologist? Specialist for biochemistry? Diabetologist?
Gestational diabetes
Hello, I am 29 years old and I am a young CF mother of a little girl aged 1 month. I was discovered gestational diabetes at 28 weeks, and now one month after delivery my blood sugars are still very disturbed. Gestational diabetes usually goes away quickly in mothers after delivery. Is it normal in ...
Hello, I would like to know what is the treatment for CF diabetes with high values of glucose. I have heard several opinions. Insuline or oral treatment? I have been told that oral treatments are not the best for cystic fibrosis related diabetes. What do you think? Thank you.
Hypoglycaemia / weakness
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I got a glucometer for 4 weeks from my CF-doctor as I have a great hunger during the night. The lowest count was 3.9 mml and the highest 8.9 mml. I have visited a diabetes specialist because I have always episodes of faintness and only hardly could stand on my legs ...
Blood sugar check after meals as well?
Dear Expert Team, my doctor told me to check my blood sugar, and I have been doing that for three days now. Is it sufficient if I do that before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or do I have to check after all my meals as well? Many thanks, leomax