Cystic Fibrosis
Does anyone know if the salt air purifer by salin works well for a cf patient?
Air humidifiers for the home
My baby (4 months old) has been diagnosed with CF. I'm wondering whether we should get a humidifier for his room to a) clear the air and b) increase the moisture in the air which may help his this worthwhile? Do you have a point of view on getting an air purifier / filter versus getting ...
Vacation on a farm / north sea / air conditioning
We are planning to go on vacation to a farm with our 3-year old daughter, suffering from CF. In how far is it harmful for her, or rather, what do we have to pay attention to in the stable? What about mudflats at the north sea at low tide? In general, is it allowed to switch on the air conditioning ...
Air humidifier with UVC disinfection
Which experience is available for the use of air humidifiers with UVC disinfection in homes of CF patients? Can such humidifiers be recommended?
Ventilation system
Hello, At the moment we are planning to build a one-family house. In the meantime our daughter, 14 months old, has been diagnosed with CF. Therefore the question arises, what we have to take into account concerning the building of our new house. So far, we only got the advice to install ...