Inhalative antibiotics during pregnancy
Hello, I am 30 years old and pregnant with my second child. During my first pregnancy I inhaled pulmozyme, aztreonam and hypertonic saline and did not think about it. I took the whole time cefuroxim as an oral antibiotic. During this pregnancy I informed myself via the internet and found ...
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
Dear expert team! this germ can be found in the samples of my son for a longer period of time. Does it make sense to treat? Many thanks
Antibiotics without symptoms
Dear expert team, my son (a few months old, CF) has had a throat swab with the finding of Staphylcoccus aureus. For which reason the intake of antibiotics are necessary if he hasn't any symptoms at all like cough, secretions etc. respectively which consequences would it have if one would not give ...
Permanent antibiotic therapy with azithromycin
Hello, are there any new recommendations concerning a permanent antibiotic therapy with azithromycin? Thanks
Actinomyces odontolyticus
Hello, the above mentioned germ has been found in the sputum, the throat swab was free of it. Should a treatment be initiated? Best regards,
Inhalation of BiklinĀ® (amikacin)
Dear expert team, as I have mycobacterium abscessus in my lungs, my CF center has recommended to inhale 1-2- times daily amikacin for 3 months. Do you know, if amikacin can be inhaled with the e-flow? I have some other questions: At the beginng of 2016 I had problems to see and strong vertigo, ...
Circulatory breakdown after rinsing of port-a-cath
Hello! As my veins are not good and I have many events of blood taking, I got a porth-a-cath. Half an hour later, I get extreme seizures. I have to stretch me and to yawn all the time. I get a headache and I am cold from the inside of me. Also I am bit confused then. However only a bit. Why does ...
Treatment recommendation for persistent Pseudomonas/Staphlococci infection
Dear team, I have received a lung transplantation (2010) and suffer from CF. For 6 months, my lung function decreases rapidly and since then, it is constantly low. Antibody tests, bronchoscopy, CT and x-ray had already been done. Only in the bronchoscopy, Pseudomonas and Staphylococci could be ...
i.v. Pseudomonas eradication therapy - dosage
Dear expert team, I would have a question about the right dosage concering an intravenous Pseudomonas eradication therapy. After an inhalative trial did not bring long-lasting sucess in order to eradicate Pseudomonas completely, an i.v. therapy had been planned with my physician at the last ...
Tonsilectomy versus longterm antibiotic therapy
Dear expert team, our daughter, 8 years, CF, suffers for one year from repeated infections with streptococci. She is 118cm heigh and weighs 18,4 kg. Each infection is accompanied by high fever and reduced health status. Due to the pain in the throat, she deteriorates quickly and does not drink ...
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