Recommend medicine appetite for my grandson with CF and no appetite Thanks
Abdominal pains/mesenteric lymphadenitis?
Dear members of the team, I have a girl (nine years old) diagnosed at the age of 9 months with cystic fibrosis. My daughter has a mild pulmonary disease and pancreatic insufficiency. She receives a "standard" treatment for cystic fibrosis (mucolytic agents, pancreatic enzymes, vitamins and ...
It is mandatory measurement of fat-soluble vitamins in patients with cystic fibrosis?
Do you have any information on the use of omperazole in cystic fibrosis? The dietician for our cystic fibrosis patients has queried whether enteric coated omeprazole can be absorbed from the small intestine due to the altered pH of the small intestine, where the pH is often lower than 5 for ...
Scandi Shake, AquaAdek's vitamins - where to buy?
Hi, I'd like to buy Scandi Shake and AquaAdek's vitamins. I'm looking for a company which sells these drugs on line and could ship them to Poland. Thanks for your reply, Annette
I am from Kosovo.I have a daughter with CF 5 months old. She was born with MI,and had her first surgery at two days old,and had ileostoma. Second surgery was done after 4 months but there where some complications so she was operated two more times,So she had three surgeries within ten days,and ...
Hello I'm looking for tablets, for boy age 3 years, He has a Cystic Fibrosis
Hello I'm looking for tablets, for boy age 3 years, He has a Cystic Fibrosis and I want buy : Transfer Factor chewable 4life and another one like Adeks multivitamin. Does somebody knows how to buy these in London or UK, please give me a message. Thank you. Kinds Regards Arek ...
vitamin k
I like to know what do you believe about taking vit k some doctors said to us not to take it others to take it for osteoporosis, my daughter is 19 years old