staphylococcus aureus
What are your recommendations for the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus? In my country, staph is untreated If there are no significant symptoms. My son was diagnosed with staph, but it is not treated becouse he is a good general health with just a little cough, no fever, ... Thank in ...
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Staffylokock infection we are treating is cronic?
Thank you for a very useful Q&A! My seven-year-old complains with knee and leg pain and that she suddenly feels she cannot walk. She has CF. We do not listen to carefully, but then, I found this on the web ( CF-arthropathy 2) Episodic (acute) arthritis Hereby it deals in ...
joint pain
Dear team, My joint pain started years ago. Taking ibuprofen the pain usually disappeared after 1-3 days. This time the joint pain has been around for weeks with short interruptions only. In between it became so bad that I could hardly move, additionally, I had a fever. Due to the joint pain and ...
cytic fibrosis and artritis
My dother 21 years old has problems with artritis I have read there are a number of problems with joints associated with cystic fibrosis, what is the problems?why it hapends? she takes ibuprofeno and gets better, what do you thing about it? Thanks
Sinus Problems
I am 19 and have had many sinus surgeries...each time I get sick is due to the post-nasal drip into my lungs causing them to get inflamed and irritated. For the past couple years my sinuses have started bleeding, mostly at night to the point where I will wake up choking on the heavy drainage it ...
Arthritis and CF - how to treat
I am a near 40 year old female with CF. The last 15 years I have suffered form arthritis, and the last 6 years it seems to have exploded. All of my fingers are now affected, and I have had several surgeries to remove destructions and to permanently stabilize joints, thus leaving my fingers stiff. ...