Carrier Testing
Dear Team, Please can I ask your advice. I am worried that my 18 month old grandson may be showing signs of CF. I am not aware of any history of cystic fibrosis in the family, but know this does not have to be a necessary factor. To avoid causing any unnecessary worry and stress to our daughter ...
DNA test/risk of passing CF on to children
Hello, me and my wife plan to have children. As a CF causing mutation has already been detected in my DNA, is there a high risk that our children will come down with CF? My wife was born on the Philipinnes, I am European, and it is very hard to find information regarding the relevant mutation ...
CF diagnostics
My 3 and half old son suffer of often breathing infects and long lasting cough.Usually dry cough time to time moist cough. Is possible to have CF when he went through a neonatal screening on CF in 2010 and chlorid swap test two years ago?. Both with negative results.our doctor advices to do chlorid ...
CF in blood work but no symptoms
About 12 years ago it was found that i had full blown CF according to my bloods but i've never had any symptoms - this was found as i was trying to do egg donation. I am now wondering if this is common or whether it is rare and somebody may be interested in it? Both my parents were then ...
sweat test for a baby at the age of 6 months and 20 days
dear Team! My son (6 months old) will have in 2 weeks a sweat test because he suffers from bronchitis very oft (5 times during 2 last months) and a very salty forehead. On the day of testing he will be 6 months and 20 days old? what are the normal results for thi age? 39 or 29??? thank you veru ...
Disease Causing or not?
Hi, my 18 month old son's CFTR renotyping results are back. He is heterozygous for; c.[1521_1523delCTT] + c.[1584G>A] they also found sequence variants of limited or no known clincal significance; c.744-31TTGA[5]+[6] c.869+11C>T c.1210-12T[7]+[9] (poly T ...
Potential cystic fibrosis
Me and my husband are cf carriers. I have the DF508del mutation and my husband the R117C. We have a two years old daugter with a mild cf and a five and a half years old son with the DF508del mutation. Some doctors and genetists say that my son is simply a carrier, even though he has two sweat tests ...
cystic fibosis
what is the features of cystic fibosis
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Multiple sweat tests
My son just had two sweat test done. Both were in the high normal range. 34 and 34. They are concerned because they don't see this happen frequently and want me Full bore with more testing. Any advice?