Is it true that an MRSA encapsulation would most likely be located in the weakest part of one's body? My husband had a back injury back in 2007. In 2009 he got MRSA, probably from a cut on the leg. The leg got infected and soon after he developed lots of inflammation and fever and pain in the back. ...
mrsa and cystic fibrosis
Hi my daughter is 12 years old and has cf , in the last year she seems to be contracting and growing mrsa on her cough swabs. The first time this happened was about a year ago and she was treated with a two week course on the antibiotic-RIFAMPICIN and a body wash and nasel spray which she used for ...
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Risk of spreading MRSA
Hi, I've been diagnosed culturing MRSA and I want to ask about the risk of transmitting it to my girlfriend (non cf) through kissing and other intimate contact. Shall I stop those things or it's not so possible for healthy non cf people to get MRSA in their lungs? What shall I pay attention to to ...
MRSA transmission
If a CF patient is culturing MRSA, how high is the risk of transmitting MRSA to a partner(without cf) through kissing and sexual activity?