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pancreatic enzymes
If a child ( 2 years old), is given his enzymes prior to a meal and refuses to eat what are the possible consequences ? If antibiotics are given preventively,should it be given three times daily or if once a day is just as good? Where can I get recent  ...
Hi My daughter - 3 years old - is under good care in the Warsaw Mother and Child Institute - cystic fibrosis department. She doesn't need enzymes. Every day she takes 2 ml AquAdeks witamins, 6 - 10 ml 10% NaCl, inahaltions from 4 ml 5%NaCl and loung clearing by hand two trimes a day. So far ...
Equipment availability for patients
Is there funding available through government / hospital or are the devices self funded. 2 If the devices are funded do the patients have to meet any set requirement/ criteria ie pensioner, health care card 3. If funded are they able to access more than one device 4. Is it only on dr or ...
Experience with treatment in China?
Dear expert team members, I believe that your experiences could help me to choose the right sources of information. Have you ever heard something interesting about Chinese medicin methods particularly physiotherapy methods focused on CF patients? Could you recomend any realated information ...
I am an ex UU physio graduate presently working in an acute hospital in Suffolk. I am treating a teenager with Cystic Fibrosis. The patient has reached the stage where they have become quite depressed about their life expectancy and the limitations they think it may have on their life and now ...