Rivers & CF
How high are the risks & what are precautions we should take with a toddler cfer and playing in a river? Specifically the Guadalupe/Comal? High vs low?
hot tubs, jacuzzi, spa baths
Could I get recent publications/research on the use of hot tubs etc for cf teenagers please?
hot tubs, jacuzzi, spa baths
We need to explain to friends why our grandsons (11 and 14) are not allowed to go into hot tubs, jacuzzis, spa baths etc. Please could you recommend research documents (if any) or any written material to help us put this danger to our grandsons over clearly to anyone who may have care for ...
My son (aged 7) is due to start swimming with school in January. The pool used by the school is not chlorinated but the water is cleaned by ultra-violet light. Would this pose any infection risk for someone with CF? Thank you.
Are swimming pools an unnecessary risk after all?
Dear ECORN Experts, It seems to be a common view that swimming in well maintained indoor pools is safe for people with CF but I'm starting to wonder if this really is so? I have discontinued my son's swimming lessons because he regularly had both staph and fungal infections in his upper ...
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pseudomonas in swimming pools
may i allow my child to go swimming?
pools with demineralised saltwater
Hi we are going to an resort in turkey and they advertise that they are environmentally correct. and dont use drinking water in their pools. the water in their pools are sea water which is deminaralised (a bit of the salt is removed). its a newly restored hotel 4 star my concern is the ...
I have a question whether CF patients are not allowed to swim in stagnant water. And how is it with swimming in the sea?