Sweat Test Result
I have read data regarding the sweat test for CF and at an approved centre I believe a result over 60 confirms the diagnosis of CF. Can you tell me please if the higher the figure has any relation to the effect of the disease? For example if the sweat test results with a child over 8 months was in ...
CF Diagnosis
Has a CF diagnosis from the heel prick test ever been wrong?Both parents did have gene mutations and same faulty genes detected in child. A sweat test has never been carried out and from 3 weeks all the usual preventative treatment has been done. To date 4 years down the line nothing has ever been ...
Carriers screening
Dear Expert, In carriers screening, what is the preferred/recommended action when one of the parents has a known mutation that causes CF, and the other parent is negative to the standard 10 CF mutations panel (of his country). Please note, the mutation spectrum of the ethnic origin of the ...
A Friends child
I suspect that a friends 1 yr old might have CF, he is ill every week, has had a cough since he was tiny, sicks up mucus and she tells me his stools are/were greasy. The only thing that buts doubt in my mindf is he is a very healthy weigh. I have hinted and even mentioned CF once but each time ...
symptoms of cf
Is it readily identifiable at birth?
CF in what seems like healthy baby
The little boy in question 10 wks. old was diagnosed with CF during routine heel test. Genes have been identified as G508 Delta and G551 which I understand are Class II and III so despite being too early to run sweat test no doubt regarding diagnosis. He has no 'salty' taste off him, gaining ...
Can CF be diagnosed during pregnancy?
CF testing
I am a 29 year old female who has been struggling with severe weight loss, elevated liver enzymes, bowel issues, etc. Never had any issues with lungs, but due to unexplained GI symptoms and improvement with how I am feeling on pancreatic enzymes, mild CF has been brought up to be tested for. I had ...
Question single
Dear experts, I would like to know more about atypical forms of cystic fibrosis and tests, especially forms with involvement of the digestive system and the pankreas. Are there forms of Mukoviszidose without an involvement of the lung or at least a very late involvement of the lung within the ...
Called for a retest
My baby had the heel prick test and has been called for a retest. I am going out of my mind with worry. Does this mean they have identified the defective gene? Does every suffered diagnosed always get called for the dreaded retest?