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Lung tranplant hospitals in france
Can you tell where the nearest specialist hospital to angouleme in france is please? I had a lung tranplant last year.
CF Centre in Mallorca
Is there a specialised CF centre for children in Mallorca?
follow up the disease
My baby has deltaF508 and R1070W and is almost healthy (details are in a previous question). How do you recommend to treat the baby so that we do not tantalize with many investigations but also keep on eye on the disease. E.g. it was recommended to me to do monthy analyse of sputus, but I see ...
newly diagnosed patients/year
Does anyone know approximately how many newly diagnosed CF patients there are in the EU each year? Thank you
Europian Center for Cystic fibrosis
Good afternoon, My name is Kristina and my brother is a CF patient. Can you give a recommendation for a Center for Cystic Fibrosis in Europe, since we are from Macedonia and there isn't any center for CF patients.
hospitals in EU
Hello there. I would like to become a guide abroad - but I can't seem to find a list of the hospitals in e.g Spain... Any help?
Patient with CF in Albania
I am the Nurse Practitioner at the Cf clinic at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. I had a very distraught couple come to see me in my clinic last week. They are from Albania - living in Canada. They were visiting family this summer and met a family with a 3 month old baby ...
Please could you advise me which are the best validated & accepted survey questionnaires designed for adult and adolescent CF patients to: ascertain their knowledge of CF, quality of life satisfaction with the CF services they access. Thanks
Information on health professionals involved in CF
I am researching CF and am wondering if i were a patient which types of health professionals would i come into contact with