infant cf treatment with colistin and food diversification
Dear doctors, My 4 months old daughter has been diagnosed with cf one month ago. I would kindly like to ask for your opinion for the following: -she cultured positive the second time with E-coli in a tracheal aspirate. We tried to eradicate with inhaled gentamicin (5 days) and oral biseptol ...
Burkholderia cepacia complex
Hi my sons cough swab results came back saying he has burkholderia cepacia complex. I've had to send another swab but not sure why. I have read up on this infection and from what I understand I am very worried. Can you tell me what I should expect to happen and what the likelyhood of completely ...
My son was born 2 months premature and he was coloniaed ESBL whilst in the NICCU ICU. He has since been moved to a regional hospital where he isolated from the other babies in the nursery. I was told today by infections control that I have most likely contracted ESBL from my son as I breast ...
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Lab Equipment
HI I have a son with CF. We are trying to improve facilites etc in the regional CF Centre. I have come across some info on a piece of lab equipment for detecting bacteria in sputum and blood samples. It seems the results are available within 24hrs. Have you come across the "MALDI TOFF"  ...
Ochrobactrum anthropi
To whom it may concern, please give me information about Ochrobactrum anthropi and its importance in CF-patients. Thank you
I have a grandson 4 months old who has CF (Delta 508F and G551). To date he has shown no signs of his condition and thriving well. I have had a chest infection and completed a course of anti biotics. I feel well but do still have a cough which I feel will take awhile to clear. Obviously I have kept ...
my 8 year old son and I have been visiting his Great Grandmother in hospital for the last two weeks. All of a sudden today we were told that they are barrier nursing her because of a urine infection. I questioned the nurse and she said that the infection is called ESBL. I explained that my son has ...
CF in what seems like healthy baby
The little boy in question 10 wks. old was diagnosed with CF during routine heel test. Genes have been identified as G508 Delta and G551 which I understand are Class II and III so despite being too early to run sweat test no doubt regarding diagnosis. He has no 'salty' taste off him, gaining ...
treatment of ralstonia pickettii
Dear team, Recently the germ Ralstonia pickettii was found in my sputum for the first time. It was resistant against all tested antibiotics. In between my sputum is tested in a more specialized lab but there is no result so far. These results shall help to organize the next infusions which are due ...