Why does my son get sickly pale in the face for periods of several weeks?
My 11-year-old son, who has CF, becomes from time to time sickly pale in the face and the pallour can last several weeks. He also gets dark circles under his eyes. This happens maybe once in a year or two years. The symptoms gradually vanish. I've googled this in various CF forums and noticed ...
Sinus pulsating aƫrosolsystem
Are there clinical studies about using the pari-sinus bij CF with principally sinusitisproblems? Is there somebody with experience with the pari-sinus?
Test question for keyword list-please ignore
This is a test question, please just ignore it
We are moving from Callifornia to Florida. Will the new humidity lead to the boys becoming ill on our arrival?
cystic. fibrosis
Is it safe to use fabreeze plugin around the home?
Contact lenses
My daughter would like some contact lenses and I do not know if it is safe.