treatment of pseudomonas or other bacterias
First of all I would like to tell that I have son with CF, 2 y.o. He had pseudomonas 1 year ago, treated succesfully but now he has pseudomonas again. Waiting for 2nd phase of treatment in the hospital. I want to tell another thing:I visited in Sicilia, Italia Terme di Sciacca. I spoke to the ...
Hi my daughter is 3 years and pseudomonas is found for the second time in 2 months. Our center offers the same treatment again ( 4weeks of tobi inhalations and ciprofloxacin) it didn´t remove the pseudomonas this time and i am affraid it will not take it this time. I am aware that other centers ...
I have a question whether CF patients are not allowed to swim in stagnant water. And how is it with swimming in the sea?
Hello, I am a parent of a child with CF. I’ve got a question about the treatment with the nebuliser solution Tobi-300. I know that it’s strictly individual, but I am interested what are the criteria for treatment. If a patient has Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the lungs and has started ...
Air humidifiers for the home
My baby (4 months old) has been diagnosed with CF. I'm wondering whether we should get a humidifier for his room to a) clear the air and b) increase the moisture in the air which may help his this worthwhile? Do you have a point of view on getting an air purifier / filter versus getting ...
CF patient
CF patient, 19 years old, diagnosed with CF as a baby and has staphyloccus aureus. Diagnosed with pseudomonas a few months ago. My question is: should the patient take tobramicina, as when he was last tested for bacteria and had sputum taken, he did not have pseudomonas any more. Can pseudomonas ...