DF508 and T7, T9 polymorphism
Hello, my daughter is 7 months old and she has been diagnosed with CF when she was 2 1/2 months based on her clinical symptoms and sweat test result over 100. She is severely pancreatic insufficient with no lung implications so far. We performed genetic testing for her and it seems they ...
Carrier Testing
Dear Team, Please can I ask your advice. I am worried that my 18 month old grandson may be showing signs of CF. I am not aware of any history of cystic fibrosis in the family, but know this does not have to be a necessary factor. To avoid causing any unnecessary worry and stress to our daughter ...
Is it correct , that if one parent is not a carrier of the cf virus so to speak that the child can not possible have cf? and is that 100% correct ?
DNA test/risk of passing CF on to children
Hello, me and my wife plan to have children. As a CF causing mutation has already been detected in my DNA, is there a high risk that our children will come down with CF? My wife was born on the Philipinnes, I am European, and it is very hard to find information regarding the relevant mutation ...
My husband and I just found out through gene sequencing that I am a carrier of deltaF508 and he is a carrier of 5T. He testing negative in every way except the 5t. What are the odds of our children having CF? To me the odds aren't clear, our councilor says they could have a "mild" form of CF or ...
CF mutations
I am a mother to a girl with F508del/CFTRdele2,3 (21kb) mutations. She was diagnosed at 2 months old. Now she is 5 and doing very well. Only 2 lung infections, no P.a cultured. Still I am concerned as I read both of the mutations are clasified as "severe". Does it mean that the progress of the ...
CF in blood work but no symptoms
About 12 years ago it was found that i had full blown CF according to my bloods but i've never had any symptoms - this was found as i was trying to do egg donation. I am now wondering if this is common or whether it is rare and somebody may be interested in it? Both my parents were then ...
Delta F508 and 2184insA
What percentage of the CF population has this genetic mutation? What class is it? What are its symptoms usually look like?
query - carrier
Dear Sirs I sent a question to the cystic fibrosis organisation and they directed me onto you as it was medical question. I have just found out that myself and my sister are carriers of the cystic fibrosis gene only and do not actually have it. I wanted to know if it was true that if you are ...
R117H negative for 5T
My husband and I are both carriers of identical strains. R117H negative for 5T. Are there any documented cases with this combination and what CF symptoms developed. Our son has both genes.
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