Duct heating system?
Does anyone know if this type of heating system is a threat to those with C.F.?
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cystic. fibrosis
Is it safe to use fabreeze plugin around the home?
Aircleaners or homeventilation
Hi I have been searching the internet to get info about aircleaning/air purifiers and the positive effect it might have on cf. In the us i can can se many who uses this. It is a machine with a filter(hepa) it is not a humidifier. here is the link for one ...
Cystic Fibrosis
Does anyone know if the salt air purifer by salin works well for a cf patient?
Air humidifiers for the home
My baby (4 months old) has been diagnosed with CF. I'm wondering whether we should get a humidifier for his room to a) clear the air and b) increase the moisture in the air which may help his this worthwhile? Do you have a point of view on getting an air purifier / filter versus getting ...