Aquagenic Wrinkling of Palms
My daughter (5 y.o.; F508del/CFTR dele2,3) seems to have Aquagenic wrinkling of Palms. What does this condition mean? IS it somehow dangerous? Should it be treated?
Duct heating system?
Does anyone know if this type of heating system is a threat to those with C.F.?
CF in blood work but no symptoms
About 12 years ago it was found that i had full blown CF according to my bloods but i've never had any symptoms - this was found as i was trying to do egg donation. I am now wondering if this is common or whether it is rare and somebody may be interested in it? Both my parents were then ...
Living in Athens with CF Recommended ?
I have an 11 year old daughter with CF and we live in Abu Dhabi, UAE, but we may come to live in Athens, I am worried about the air pollution, we will be living in the hills outside Athens. Also Gala has just started to take Ivacaftor as she has the G551 mutation, is this going to be available ...
Can NaCL infusion help CF patients
Dear Sir/Madam, I am a mother of a child with CF. Maybe my question is stupid as I do not have medical background, but I am wondering can usage of Na Cl infusion through the blood once a week help CF patients in term of bringing salt through the blood into lungs, pancreas, stomack, etc.? This ...
Room Temperature
What is the BEST room temperature for a person with CF?
query - carrier
Dear Sirs I sent a question to the cystic fibrosis organisation and they directed me onto you as it was medical question. I have just found out that myself and my sister are carriers of the cystic fibrosis gene only and do not actually have it. I wanted to know if it was true that if you are ...
508 r117h T5
My grandson has recently been diagnosed with CF. His details are 508 and r117h T5. Sweat test 47. What cf symptoms will develop? Also - what medication will be available in the near future which may address the symptoms? Thank You
Cold weather
My 4 year old with cf is being sent out at lunch and break times in this cold weather when I have asked teachers not to is this right
cystic fibosis
what is the features of cystic fibosis