hot tubs, jacuzzi, spa baths
Could I get recent publications/research on the use of hot tubs etc for cf teenagers please?
hot tubs, jacuzzi, spa baths
We need to explain to friends why our grandsons (11 and 14) are not allowed to go into hot tubs, jacuzzis, spa baths etc. Please could you recommend research documents (if any) or any written material to help us put this danger to our grandsons over clearly to anyone who may have care for ...
My son (aged 7) is due to start swimming with school in January. The pool used by the school is not chlorinated but the water is cleaned by ultra-violet light. Would this pose any infection risk for someone with CF? Thank you.
Any recommendations, in general, on how often to disinfect items such as sinks, toilets, tubs, shower doors and heads, etc? I am feeling overwhelmed. Thanks.
Pseudomonas in sputum on child with CF
My nephew who is 1 years old has been diagnosed twice with having pseudomonas in his sputum and has been put on medication to help with the infection. His parents have 2 cats and a few fish in a small tank in their home. My brother and sister in law are very good about keeping the house clean and ...
Are swimming pools an unnecessary risk after all?
Dear ECORN Experts, It seems to be a common view that swimming in well maintained indoor pools is safe for people with CF but I'm starting to wonder if this really is so? I have discontinued my son's swimming lessons because he regularly had both staph and fungal infections in his upper ...
My son was born 2 months premature and he was coloniaed ESBL whilst in the NICCU ICU. He has since been moved to a regional hospital where he isolated from the other babies in the nursery. I was told today by infections control that I have most likely contracted ESBL from my son as I breast ...
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I have a grandson 4 months old who has CF (Delta 508F and G551). To date he has shown no signs of his condition and thriving well. I have had a chest infection and completed a course of anti biotics. I feel well but do still have a cough which I feel will take awhile to clear. Obviously I have kept ...
Pseudomonas prevention
What are the hygiene measures to prevent Pseudomonas infections? My baby has deltaF508 and R1070W and is almost healthy (details are in a previous question). Thank you