Pregnancy and birth
What is the recommended birth method for a CFer with good lung function (71%) and well controlled gestational diabetes with an average sized baby expected? Vaginal or section? Thanks
DNA test/risk of passing CF on to children
Hello, me and my wife plan to have children. As a CF causing mutation has already been detected in my DNA, is there a high risk that our children will come down with CF? My wife was born on the Philipinnes, I am European, and it is very hard to find information regarding the relevant mutation ...
Please help me understand CF mutations.
Hello, I previously asked this question which was not answered. I am hoping to receive some information. My husband and I are in the process of electing PGD and would like to know what clinical symptoms, if any, we can expect in offspring with the following mutations: Husband: one copy ...
Test question for keyword list-please ignore
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delta F508 and R1070W
My boy 3yo has been diagnosed with CF heterosigotus of delta F508 (7T-9T polimorfism) and R1070W (in exon 17b This mutation R1070W alters an arginine into a tryptophane on amino acid position 1070 of the resulting protein (p.Arg1070Trp). He never had pulmonary infections and is pancreatic ...
Can CF be diagnosed during pregnancy?
Hello I was wondering is it possible to be fertile up to a certain age i.e 26 with CF, It's just i've noticed my sperm is different lately compared to the way it was before. Also is there many CF males able to have children naturally? Thank you. Mark
family planning
i am a female with cf and my husband is a carrier of the cf gene. Could you please advise me if we are entitled to one attempt of IVF(PGD) under the NHS. I have read about another couple with a different heriditary condition receiving PGD under the NHS. Thank you