mrsa and cystic fibrosis
Hi my daughter is 12 years old and has cf , in the last year she seems to be contracting and growing mrsa on her cough swabs. The first time this happened was about a year ago and she was treated with a two week course on the antibiotic-RIFAMPICIN and a body wash and nasel spray which she used for ...
infant cf treatment with colistin and food diversification
Dear doctors, My 4 months old daughter has been diagnosed with cf one month ago. I would kindly like to ask for your opinion for the following: -she cultured positive the second time with E-coli in a tracheal aspirate. We tried to eradicate with inhaled gentamicin (5 days) and oral biseptol ...
G542X /5t and PA
My 7 year old son was diagnosed with carrying g542x and 5t. This diagnoses was made when he was 6 years old after experiencing syringeal akrokeratoderma in his hands (exesive wrinkling of the palms) He has a sweat test of 39 and then 40 The wrinkling of the hands only lasted for about 3 months. ...
Burkholderia cepacia complex
Hi my sons cough swab results came back saying he has burkholderia cepacia complex. I've had to send another swab but not sure why. I have read up on this infection and from what I understand I am very worried. Can you tell me what I should expect to happen and what the likelyhood of completely ...
Eradication of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection
My daughter cultured Pa at the last clinic visit. It was symptom free. The doctor prescribed 28 days of Inhaled Antibiotic, and I asked to add an oral antipseudomonal, but she would not. Finished the 28 day cycle, and a week later my daughter has a raging lung infection and now ...
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CF in what seems like healthy baby
The little boy in question 10 wks. old was diagnosed with CF during routine heel test. Genes have been identified as G508 Delta and G551 which I understand are Class II and III so despite being too early to run sweat test no doubt regarding diagnosis. He has no 'salty' taste off him, gaining ...
Hi my daughter is 3 years and pseudomonas is found for the second time in 2 months. Our center offers the same treatment again ( 4weeks of tobi inhalations and ciprofloxacin) it didnĀ“t remove the pseudomonas this time and i am affraid it will not take it this time. I am aware that other centers ...
Staffylokock infection we are treating is cronic?
Thank you for a very useful Q&A! My seven-year-old complains with knee and leg pain and that she suddenly feels she cannot walk. She has CF. We do not listen to carefully, but then, I found this on the web ( CF-arthropathy 2) Episodic (acute) arthritis Hereby it deals in ...
pancreatic enzymes
If a child ( 2 years old), is given his enzymes prior to a meal and refuses to eat what are the possible consequences ? If antibiotics are given preventively,should it be given three times daily or if once a day is just as good? Where can I get recent  ...