Hello, what are the symptoms of sputum in a baby? Best regards
Since very young, my 5 year-old daughter performs 5 physiotherapy sessions per week, all over the year with only exceptionally on Wednesdays take away the summer. I have another CF center closer to our home which is much less strict with only 1 to 2 sessions per week. Why is such a difference between the different centers? Is there research, about what is the best follow-up? I am very pleased with its follow-up but I do not understand this difference on a primary treatment in cystic fibrosis children.
Heterozygous fetus of 14 weeks
After a trophoblast examination the results were negative for Down syndrome, but the fetus is heterozygous for CF. Will the baby always remain a carrier? Is there a chance for the baby to have CF? Its sister is 20 months old and normal. An amniocentesis was performed and a molecular karyotype was checked.
Experimental treatment
Hello I’ve got cystic fibrosis with F508del and Q1411X mutations. I was sfor one year and a half under Ataluren experimental-treatment. Yesterday, I was told that the protocol is ending immediately because of a lack of significant results from the clinical trial. Nevertheless, for me I saw a reduction of exacerbations. I’m extremely disappointed by this news. This is my question: regarding my mutations could I take part in ongoing clinical trials? Thank a lot for your answer.
How to disinfect sofas
Hello I’d like to know how to clean textiles, in particular pillows and sofas?
splicing mutation
Hello I would like to know if there is ongoing research regarding splicing mutations? Best regards
G542X mutation-PTC 124
I ‘ve just learned about the clinical development stop for Ataluren. My son has G542X mutation, I would like to know to if there are other ongoing clinical trials? Thank you
If I am a carrier (not ill) of a defective CF gene, have both of my parents to be carriers in order to give it to me or is it sufficient, if only one of my parents is a carrier? Many thanks for your answer.
Correctors and specifical effects
Hello, I have a quite specific and probably detailed/scientific question: correctors like Orkambi or also the following models VX-661 etc. change also the salt content of the sweat etc, everything is regulated. Has this also an effect of the specific smelling of a human, means his pheromones and therefore his effect on his fellows? Or are the pheromones of each human unchangable and also not really detectable and the concentrations of others, smelling ones, like e.g. changed sweat does not influence this? Many thanks
Average age
Hello, my partner suffers from CF and I have a few questions. However the treating physician has no time to answer them. How is the average age that a CF Patient can reach before he needs a transplant? (My partner is 21 years old). Respectively, can he also with his actual lung, if he takes his medication regularly and inhales e.g. reach the age of 70 or is this impossible?
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