Dear reader, I have read interesting information about research on bacteropphages on Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Is this a study that is going on in Europe?
pseudomonas bacteria
Dear reader, My brother-in-law has installed an electric humidifier in his house. He has to replace the water every month (this is stagnant water). The water is NOT heated but is still on the floor (room temp.). Does it give more risk for the Pseudomonas bacteria? My son has CF. His visits are rather monthly than daily. Thank you for the advice!
CF diabetes sugar replacement
Hello, what is your opinion about the sugar replacement "bio sweetener" - can a patient take it without risks (if he can afford it...)? Thanks
B. Dolosa
If two siblings have CF and B. dolosa and one of them is getting a lung transplantation, is there a risk for the sibling who had a transplantation because of B. dolosa and the other sibling who had no transplantation? Are there any research results, we could get information from? Many thanks
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia and sweat test
I have a baby girl, 11 months old. She had secretions and we visited the pediatrician, an ENT doctor and a pneumonologist, we had a chest an xray and sputum cultures. The only finding was Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. We will do a sweat test. During my first pregrancy I was tested for CF mutations with negative results.
Carrier of CF mutation
I am 34 years old at 21st gestational week. I am a carrier of r75Q after checking for 85% of CF mutations. My husband was checked for 99% of CF mutations and he was found to carry S977C (unknown clinical importance). The genetist expert advised us not to proceed to amniocentesis, since the mutation I carry, when combined with another typical CF mutation, in a worst-case scenario would lead to CF with only mild symptoms. I would like to ask if you agree with his opinion/assessment?
Genotype 7T
I am 12 weeks pregnant and have been checked for CF mutations (47 mutations). The results were negative for the most frequent mutations (46 mutations). The sample shows the genotype 7T/7T at position IVS8 polyT in the CFTR gene. Is it something I must worry about? My spouse has not been tested. Must he? Thank you in advance!
Clarification plant in the neighbourhood
Hello, does a clarification plant in the neighbourhood (about 500m linear distance) represent a health risk in case of CF? Can bacteria be transmitted only via direct contact and aerosols or also via smell? Many thanks in advance
Anal fistula
Is there a connection between a recurrent anal fistula and CF?
fetus with large nuchal translucency
I terminated my pregnancy at 24th week of gestation because the fetus developed hydropsy and pericardiac fluid. I have a first and second cousin with CF. My parents come from the same village, as well as the parents of my cousins. I was tested for 95% of CF mutations and my husband for 90% with negative results. The fetus was tested for 65% of CF mutations with negative results and its molecular karyotype is normal as well. It had a large nuchal translucency from the start (7.6 mm) with no other symptom. Can you tell me the symptoms it would present if it suffered from CF?
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