c.274-6T>C and ΔF508
I want to get pregnant and I was tested for CF. I was found to carry the C274-6T>C mutation and the DF508 mutation, one from my father and the other from my mother. It was suggested that my husband must be tested due to the DF508 mutation. For the other mutation I was told that the data are conflicting, but, since I do not suffer from CF, my child could not suffer. What is your opinion?
Wish to have children
Dear team, my partner and I, we want to have a child. Until now, it did not work and now an azoospermia came out in my partner. The urologist said, we could have a genetic investigation done, if he wanted. My husband (31) has no symptoms. He hasn't any problems with digestion, nor with the lungs or breathing. In the contrary. He is very sportive. I read about the genetic defect that could cause CF. If he has this, would he then be only carrier as he did not have any symptoms in his life and is not ill? Or could the illness still break out after 31 years? I am afraid. Is a genetic testing necessary? I am more afraid because of him then because of the not-fullfilled wish to have children.
Antibiotics without symptoms
Dear expert team, my son (a few months old, CF) has had a throat swab with the finding of Staphylcoccus aureus. For which reason the intake of antibiotics are necessary if he hasn't any symptoms at all like cough, secretions etc. respectively which consequences would it have if one would not give an antibiotic and wait, until symptoms occur? Best regards,
Permanent antibiotic therapy with azithromycin
Hello, are there any new recommendations concerning a permanent antibiotic therapy with azithromycin? Thanks
Genotype T5/T7 and TG11/TG12
I am pregnant and my spouse was found to carry the genotype 5T/7T and TG11/TG12 in the T and TG polymorphic CFTR regions (heterozygote for T5-TG12 allilomorph. I ams going to get tested as well. Should I be concernded? What are the chances? Thank you.
pets- rabbits
My friend has CF. We would like to have a rabbit as pet. Is this allowed? We prefer a cage in the house, that we clean daily. Thank you,
Can a Cf patient have rabbits at home? Or should we keep them outside? My friend is a CF patient. Thank you
The aspergillis requires a heavy treatment. Are there scientific studies into the effectiveness and consequences of la (long-term) treatment with anti-fungal medication?
distended gallbladder and hyperechogenic bowel
Our second baby (I am 20 weeks pregnant) was diagnosed with distended gallbladder and hyperechogenic bowel. Are these two connected, or not? Could you give us some information about the first, which is somewhat rare? Is amniocentesis advisable?
Combination of DF508/R1162L
After testing I was found to carry the c.3485G>(R1162L) mutation and my husband the DF508 mutation, both in heterozygote. Does the combination of these two mutations cause CF, or any other pathology? Thank you in advance.
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