Has research been done yet whether there is a correlation between ADHD and CF? Is there a link? For example regarding certain prescribed medications for CF?
What are the latest insights about tapotage?
Dear expert team, a CF patient loves to go walking in the park with her dog. The question came up, if Pseudomonas can be transmitted from the dog's hair when the dog is running through mud an puddles.... Many thanks, for your help
Actinomyces odontolyticus
Hello, the above mentioned germ has been found in the sputum, the throat swab was free of it. Should a treatment be initiated? Best regards,
Inhalation of 6% NaCl solution with eflow rapid
Hello, The CF center told me, that they would not prescribe the eflow rapid nebulizer for our daughter, as it would not be suitable for the inhalation with 6% NaCl solution. In the product leaflet however, it says that 6% NaCl can be inhaled with the eflow, only the membrane has to be well cared for: immediately rinsing, two times a week backwash, after each inhalation disinfection. What do you think? Best regards,
Salt substitution in case of babies
Dear experts, in how far the loss of salt in case of babies or toddler with CF should be covered by increased salt intake and how can the additional salt be given to babies? Many thanks....
Dog after transplantation in bed?
Hello, can our dog sleep in our bed after lung transplantation? Which would be the risk, because fungi, bacteria etc. are already spread all over the appartment as the dog lives there... Many thanks
DF508 mutation and mutation of unknown significance
I am 22 weeks pregnant in my second child. I was to be a carrier of the DF508 mutation, while my husband carries the c3118c>T (L1040f) mutation, of unknown clinical significance. We were not tested when we had our first child, and the geneticians advised us to test our firstborn, who was found to carry both mutations. His clinical picture is excellent, as is his growth. In 2.5 years he has suffered only one bronchiolitis and episodes of laryngitis, without high fever. His sweat test is 47. We were advised not to do an amniocentesis, since, based on the picture of our child, even if the fetus carries both mutations, the symptoms will be very mild. 1) Can the symptoms in the future become severe? 2) Since it is a boy, is sterility a given? 3) What does a borderline sweat test mean? Is it not positive? Thank you!
c81c mutation
My wife is 21 weeks pregnant. She was tested and found a carrier of the DF508 mutation. I was tested as well and I was found to carry the c81c>T mutation. My wife had an amniocentesis. The fetus was found to carry the DF508 mutation and we await the results for my mutation. What are the chances for the baby?
Stem cells from cord blood?
Hello, our first child suffers from CF, and we are expecting our second child (healthy carrier). One reads again and again about advertisment for freezing of cord blood after birth. Do you see a potentially advantage in the (far) future of cord blood respectively cord blood stem cells of a healthy baby concerning the illness of CF of the sibling? Many thanks for your answer!
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