Possibility for pregnancy
My spouse (male) has CF and carries the DF508 mutation. I am not a carrier, nor a CF patient. Is there a chance for pregrancy?
Ecologic swimming pool
Is it safe to swim in an ecologic swimming pool concerning CF?
MRSA and child
Hello, I am 38 years old and suffer from CF. At the beginning of december we expect with my wife our first child. Unfortunately, MRSA has been detected again and again in my throat, at the last investigation, it could not be found. I am a bit worried, therefore I would like to get your advice: what do I have to take into accout when having contact to the baby? Can I be in the delivery room during birth? How should the contact to the child be in the first weeks? What has to be especially taken into account? Many thanks in advace
Delay for removal of polyps
I have 3-4 time a year sinusitis. My ENT specialist recommended to have the nasal polyps removed but he mentioned, that they will come back and therefore I should wait with the operation as long as possible. Right now, I am treated with steroid-containing nasal spray and if needed antibiotics for oral use. Now I read about the Pari Sinus device that reaches also the sinuses in contrast to the nasal spray. Would it be possible to achieve a reduction of the nasal polyps with a suitbale drug administerd by the Pari Sinus and therefore to have more time until an operation would be necessary?
parameters lung function test
Thank you for telling me what the following parameters mean: Fvc Fev1 Fef75
Amercian refrigerator
Is it safe to drink tap water from an Amercian refrigerator if you have CF?
Can you please give information about airconditioning systems?
Water detector
We have a water detector since summer. Does it have a positive effect on prevention of infection with Pseudomonas?
Shisha bar and having a joint
Dear expert team, many of my friends visit shisha bars. Would smoking with them be harmful for me? It is only water steam and only few tobacco. This is certainly not so dangerous as cigarette smoking? Having a joint , for example, should also relax the airways. Is having a joint better than smoking shisha? Thank you.
Mutation class R352Q/2184insA
Hello, our daughter has the following mutation: R352Q/2184insA, after intensive search I could not find the class of the mutations, even not in the database Can you tell me; - how many people have this mutation? - to which class this mutations belong? - what does this mean for the course of the disease? Many thanks, D. R.
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