Again ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and Cystic Fibrosis
Thank you for replying [refers to an answer given to an earlier question about ADHD]. But one question that is important to me is still open: Which interactions are know between Methylphenidat and antibiotics? In several discussion forums about ADHD one can find the statement that Methylphenidat is without effect while taking antibiotics. But I only found statements of concerned persons, not of medical doctors. Best regards and thank you.
Tumor-markers elevated in CF??
Hello, Is there any statistical data that in CF so-called tumor-markers (CA125, C19-9) can be elevated as a consequence of the illness of CF? Years ago, the C19-9 had been elevated, an MRI of the pancreas did not show any result; now the CA125 is slightly elevated, which, according to the gynecologist, could be a sign for endometriosis. However, is it not possible that the illness of CF could result in a slight elevation of the inflammation-, tumor-markers? Then I could save a laparoscopy. Many thanks,
Badly worsening of the eyes/astigmatism
Dear experts, I am 33 years old and suffering from CF and from astigmatism of the eyes. There is a very strong worsening of my visual function from -3.50 to -7.50 for the right eye and to -6.50 for the left eye and without a visual aid I have only a visual function of 50% left. I am now very afraid of developing a diabetes. Does it make sense to have a normal blood cell count done or is it better now after a year to do the longtime test where one has to drink glucose before the test? I have read that a drug with the chemical agent Quetiapin, can worsen the situation and one can get a cirrhosis of the liver and a diabetes can become worse.
Cystic Fibrosis
Hello, we have 3 daughters, the one in the middle died 1976 at the age of 5 years of Cystic Fibrosis. The two other children are healthy. The oldest daughter has two healthy children. The youngest daughter would also like to have children. My question: As my wife and I are carriers of the illness, we probably have transmitted the illness. One of my daughters could therefore also be a carrier. Are there any possibilities today that one can assess if my daughter is also a carrier of the illness before the beginning of a pregnancy or is it only possible to make the diagnosis during pregnancy? Thank you very much for your answer, Yours sincerely,
Pseudomonas in salt water bath
We love to go to salt water baths. Do Pseudomonas bacteria survive in salt water? If so, what is the impact of the salt concentration? Does the additional chorination has a positive effect in such baths?
CF patient
CF patient, 19 years old, diagnosed with CF as a baby and has staphyloccus aureus. Diagnosed with pseudomonas a few months ago. My question is: should the patient take tobramicina, as when he was last tested for bacteria and had sputum taken, he did not have pseudomonas any more. Can pseudomonas disappear or the test was not done properly? Thank you. Mira Zdravkovic
My daughter, 9 years old, has CF and we have often exacerbations. When on antibiotics we are OK, but after 2-3 weeks bad cough usually begins. Only Cefuroxim is effective as oral antibiotic. How long can antibiotics be used and are there other similar antibiotics?
Jogging or Walking?
Hello, I am suffering of CF and since some months ago, I am able to motivate myself to do sports regularly. I am doing walking (without sticks) and do not notice any change of my FEV1 result, but a change of my pulmonary situation as well as an improvement of the mobilization of secretions. However, I am thinking about, if jogging would be better than walking. Many people are doing jogging and laugh about walking. Is it sensible to change form walking to jogging? Is jogging better for the health? Is the rate of success for the health bigger with jogging?
Paresis of the diaphragm
Dear expert team, for several months, I am suffering of an idiopathic paresis of the diaphragm. The conductance of the phrenical nerve is diminished and as a result the diaphragm shows a slight high stand on the right side. I have already experience in CF for 38 years and I did loose 800 ml of lung volume due to the paresis (from 3.4 to 2.45 liters). Infections are seldom...since 1992 about 6 times i.v. antibiotic courses because of the finding of Alcaligines. I am not Pseudomonas positive, no diabetes, but a severe malnutrition with a BMI of 16, (177cm 51 kg), for 2 years I know about the diagnosed osteoporosis, t-score 2.7. I have the question, if there are any case reports in the CF-register of a paresis of the diaphragm and if my mutation, my genotype dF508:405+1G->A probably is the cause of the problem...and above all: how can this paresis be treated? Greetings from Switzerland
Vital fungi – Reishi
Hello, can you tell me something about vital fungi in the therapy of CF? I am suffering from CF and have tried some month ago some so called vital fungi in the form of fungus- powder tablets. The Reishi fungus showed the best effect. I had the impression to breathe more easily and to sleep more deeply and more calmly at night. Can you tell me if it is worth to invest in Reishi-tablets? Or should I better do without such a kind of natural medicine?
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