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Piperacillin Allergy
Would you recommend desensitisation in a 16 year old boy who has had a generalised itchy erythematous reaction to piperacillin on 2 occasions? He currently has an exacerbation & is now growing 2 stains of pseudomonas both sensitive to pip but one resistent to gent and both resistent to cipro. He has recently had ceftaz gent. If so can you recommend a regime?
Experience with treatment in China?
Dear expert team members, I believe that your experiences could help me to choose the right sources of information. Have you ever heard something interesting about Chinese medicin methods particularly physiotherapy methods focused on CF patients? Could you recomend any realated information sources please? I am interested to check the posibility to support our regular CF treatment by systematic exercising and herbal therapy. Possibly with something else. Thank you very much Roman Krapka
Hallo, our son is has been hospitalized for three weeks now because of a pneumothorax. Agglutination with glucose/talcum did not work. Now surgery is considered. Unfortunately his condition is very poor: His BMI is 13.8 and his lung function 27%. How is this surgery performed and how much success may we expect? Should this treatment be performed in an experienced CF clinic or can this be done in every clinic with thoracic surgery?
"Q/A not relevant for the english Archive"
Q/A was not relevant for the english Archive
Baby does not gain weight (is completely breastfeeded)
Dear expert team! My son (4 months old, CF) has hardly ever gained weight since weeks. The diagnosis was made when he was 5 weeks old and the therapy was started right away. From that point of time he gained weight to our satisfaction. When he was 2 months old he had an apparently innocuous infection which was treated with antibiotics. When the treatment was stopped, an atelectasis of the upper lobe developped from it very quickly. This had to be treated hospitalized with cortison and antibiotics. Since then his weight is almost constantly 5,5 kg. To make matters worse he does not drink a lot (approx. 6 x 120 ml breast milk per day) and he never seems to be very hungry and does not like very much to be breastfeeded anymore. We already tried to bottle-feed him additionally – but he accepts the bottle even less than breast milk. We are very desperate already because it does not look like as if the situation is going to change soon. Everything is about breastfeeding, weighing, breastfeeding again, weighing again… Although he is skinny his blood test results, salt and fluid balance is still okay. Altogether he makes a happy and fit impression. In the hospital they recommended us (if nothing changes) to "observe" hospitalized (in-patient). Perhaps you have another idea how we can help our son?
Increased temperature
Hello, I (31 years old, female) am suffering for more than 2 months of daily increased body temperature (around 37,8 – 38,0), which does from time to time develop into fever of 38,5 – 38,7. In addition, I feel very exhausted and get tired easily. During the i.v. therapy the temperature came down, but increased again very shortly after the end of the therapy. The increased temperature occurs mostly from the beginning of the afternoon respectively the evening. Furthermore, oral antibiotics do not improve the situation. The CRP is slightly increased, which is rather untypical for me, as it has been negative the time before. A chest x-ray as well as an ultrasound investigation of the abdomen did not clarify the situation. Furthermore, an ultrasound of the heart did not give an explanation for the temperature. Which other reasons could there be for an increased temperature, if no other symptoms are there, like e.g. headache or abdominal pain? I know that my question is a bit difficult to answer because there could probably be many reasons for that, but I would be very thankful for further suggestions, what to look for. I am quite desperate, as I have been doing quite well for the past time and my pulmonary function is not too bad (FEV> 80%). Many thanks in advance for answering.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa transmission from food to CF patients?
To eradicate P. aeruginosa from my airways an intravenous antibiotic therapy was necessary for the first time. This was so unpleasant that since then I try to avoid many potential sources of infection: I do not go to to ice-cream palours or coffee shops, I eat only with fork and knife and only use dishes form the dish washer which have been heated to 60°C. I do not eat food from bakeries, since the baker may have touched it with his hands. Are these measures meaningful or actually necessary?
Vacation on a farm / north sea / air conditioning
We are planning to go on vacation to a farm with our 3-year old daughter, suffering from CF. In how far is it harmful for her, or rather, what do we have to pay attention to in the stable? What about mudflats at the north sea at low tide? In general, is it allowed to switch on the air conditioning in the hotel or in the car or is there any risk of Pseudomonas then?
Stem Cells
Hello, Our first son is affected by Cystic Fibrosis. Currently I am pregnant again and heard about archival storage of stem cells from the umbilical cord. Is there really any sense in investing a lot of money there? Of course we would hope that science might be thus far advanced one day that our first son could profit from these stem cells. What do you think about this matter? Thank you very much and kindest regards.
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