I would like to keep in company with parents who have children with cystic fibrosis.
Hypertonic saline
Can you explain me what the advantages and/or disadvantages are of the inhaled hypertonic saline in cystic fibrosis patients. Some patients show good results, other far less. Could you explain me what the basis is of this different response ? Thanks.
I have a CF patient, 18 year old, who has Pansinusitis and only Streptococcus agalactiae in right and left sinus, do you know if this Streptococcus is pathogenic for this patients and is it necessary treat them?
I am an ex UU physio graduate presently working in an acute hospital in Suffolk. I am treating a teenager with Cystic Fibrosis. The patient has reached the stage where they have become quite depressed about their life expectancy and the limitations they think it may have on their life and now resisting physio. The patient's lung functions have deteriorated a little, however, not as much as the patient perceives. I think it would be beneficial to have an objective outcome measure for the patient in an exercise environment, not just facts on a graph. I remember when I was at UU you were working on the Modified Shuttle Test for this patient group! I was wondering where I could gain a copy of this and the supporting information for it? Any guidance you could give would be very much appreciated! Kind regards Serena
Please see question and answer "I.v.-line"
Clinic abroad with CF experience
Dear expert team, I am planning to go away on a trip within the next weeks, pretty soon … most probably to Fuerteventura! For safety reasons I would feel better if I had a medical address with CF experience in my luggage. Furthermore, how can I apply for oxygen supply during the flight and what would be the cost? Thank you very much!
cystic fibrosis
Hello! We have a granddaughter who was born on 27-04-2008 and was diagnosed with this disease. She was operated and she has an ileostoma, soon a reintegration of intestine will be done. What chances has this child?
Hello, In the book „Cystic Fibrosis in Practice“ by „Věra Vávrová et al.,“ there is a note (p. 64) that a good combination for inhalation is amiloride with uridintriphosphate. Among other things it is mentioned that uridintriphosphate is not available here. I would like to ask whether this is still the case, whether it is still not available (and for which reasons), and whether it is really such a good medication as stated in the book. Thank you
Dear expert team, I am interested if cocaine usage in CF represents a particular risk. My experiences up to now show me that during the consumption my condition is rather improving, probably due to the bronchia extending effects. During the following days, however, my physical condition was pretty bad. Is the immune system weakened by cocaine or are there other reasons for the considerable increase of PA [translator: we assume that the questioner is referring to Pseudomonas Aeruginosa]? Or is this just caused by physical exhaustion because one does not have a sense of one's own limits? Are there any intolerances or interactions with the typical CF medicaments? How is the situation after TX [translator: we assume that the questioner means "transplantation", especially "lung transplantation"], which risks will come added to that and how is the combinability with the medicaments? I hope you can clarify some of my questions.
It is known that chest percussion is the main recommended technique of physiotherapy in our country. In the case of my daughter, aged 6 years and a half, we could apply this method very well so far (plus complementing techniques, such as the flutter, respiration exercises, sports). But my daughter is old enough now to say that she does not want to do percussion, it takes too much because it is boring and even painful, sometimes. I know that there is another method used for the lung clerance, namely vest with high frequency. I would like to know what is your opinion about the vest and if you have a patient who uses it and what is their opinion about the vest.
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